Wuhan reported the flight and passenger numbers back to pre-pandemic stage

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09:15:12 - September 16, 2020

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan city, where first cases of coronavirus were recognized, has recorded the number of domestic flights and passengers returns to pre-pandemic levels. It also expresses its intention to restore flights between Wuhan and other countries.

Information about the comeback of the number of domestic flights and passengers in Wuhan was revealed by Hubei Airport Group on September 12, according to Xinhua news. Specifically, Wuhan Tianhe International Airport has completed carrying 64,700 passengers and operating 500 domestic passenger flights just within September 11.

These statistics are comparable to those in the same period last year and these are also daily records since the airport started resuming services for commercial flights on April 8.

Qu Xiao Ni, the chief marketing officer of Hubei Airport Group, said Wuhan Tianhe International Airport will promote the resumption of commercial flights on a regular basis between Wuhan and international destinations such as Seoul (Korea), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

Regarding cargo transportation, this airport has opened 9 more of the international freight routes operating periodically since April 8. Wuhan plans to soon open freight services between Wuhan – London (U.K.) – Amsterdam (Netherlands) as well as Wuhan – Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Wuhan – Delhi (India).

The world’s first cases of COVID-19 were officially recorded in Wuhan city, Hubei province at the end of 2019. The city with the population of 11 million people experienced a lockdown for 2 and a half months while many other medical experts and resources from all over China were mobilized to support Wuhan.

After the lockdown was lifted and restrictions were eased in early April, people’s life here gradually returned to normal. Early September marks the first time in seven months that Wuhan allows schools to reopen and witnesses nearly 1.4 million students going back to study at about 2,800 kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools across the city.


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Wuhan reported the flight and passenger numbers back to pre-pandemic stage


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