World’s 50 best bars unveiled, Singapore and China lead Asia

Destination Editor
10:30:07 - December 12, 2021

World’s 50 Best Bars has just been announced with 17 Asian bars appearing. Accordingly, Singapore and China are the most standout nations in Asian drink industry in 2021.

600 beverage experts participated in the vetting process for each bar, following a strict set of guidelines. This year’s list held some surprises, with 44 bars breaking through to make their first appearance on both the top 50 and the top 100.

In the top 10, there are two bars in Asia being honored including COA (Hong Kong, China) at No.7 and Jigger & Pony (Singapore) at No.9. In the top 50, China and Singapore each have 6 bars in the ranking. UAE and Japan each have 2 bars and South Korea owns one bar in World’s 50 Best Bars. Thus, Asia accounts for a third of the 2021 list.

Photo credit: COA.

This year, the number one and number two both went to London, the UK, including Connaught Bar and Tayēr + Elementary. Connaught Bar took the crown for the second year in a row, the third bar to have done so in the awards’ 13-year history.

Mark Sansom, content editor for World’s 50 Best Bars, said: “There are 26 new entries on the 51-100 list, which is actually a record for us. There are a lot more secondary and tertiary cities on this year’s list and hopefully more in the years to come.”

World’s 50 best bars unveiled, Singapore and China lead Asia


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