When airport contributes to building the image of national tourism

05:00:57 - October 15, 2020

As a large international air transportation hub, Singapore Changi Airport does not limit itself to the role of a mere airport but contributes to branding Singapore tourism with creative communication campaigns.

Campaign Luck is Everywhere – 2018

Be A Changi Millionaire is a big annual shopping promotion of Changi Airport. In 2018, Changi Airport Group (CAG) collaborated with Ogilvy Singapore launched the campaign named “Luck is Everywhere” to promote their promotion. Changi Airport launched a short advertising video featuring a rainbow following a Jaguar E-Pace and flowing along the airport boulevard and into the terminals, making it feel like Changi Airport was literally wrapped in a colorful streak of luck.

Also in this campaign, Changi Airport held a performance of kites which resemble the Diaethria Anna butterfly – a rare butterfly species with a pattern of 88, which is a symbol of prosperity and luck in Asia, on its hindwings. Eight butterfly-shaped kites were made of light materials to ensure that their movements are as lifelike as possible, and were remote-controlled to create an interesting and impressive display for guests at the airport.

With the idea of creating an atmosphere of luck inside Changi Airport, Ogilvy Singapore also came up with the idea of peppering lucky charms like four-leaf clover inside the airport.

Campaign to introduce Jewel Changi – 2019

In April 2019, Changi Airport opened the Jewel Changi – an entertainment and retail complex with nature-themed and the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. To promote Jewel Changi, the CAG collaborated with Ogilvy Singapore to produce a video titled “First Visitors” in March and posted it on Changi Airport’s social media channels to attract audiences.

Set in a magnificent setting within Jewel Changi, the film “First Visitors” tell a story of the friendship and adventure of the first two visitors of Jewel Changi, a pacific swallow and a ladybug. Choosing two little creatures instead of people for a real estate advertising video made the difference for this campaign of Changi Airport. The film lasts only over 1 minute but it was produced in a year to make as realistic as possible for each detail that showed the thoroughness of CAG in this campaign. This interesting video was posted on social media channels of the airport and attracted more than 18,000 views on Facebook within a week since posted day.

Campaign to honor workers in the tourism community in Singapore – 2020

Most recently, in the context of that Covid-19 pandemic halted the aviation and tourism sector, the CAG released a short film to celebrate “the everyday individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes of the many tourism attractions across Singapore”. This short film named “While You Were Home” uses visual projections of famous attractions such as Jewel Changi, Singapore Zoo, National Museum of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay to recreate the experience visitors remember when they visit these attractions. This film also reminds Singaporeans that many tourism spots are now open to visitors.

“While You Were Home” is produced in partnership between CAG, Ogilvy Singapore and partly funded by the Singapore Tourism Board’s SG Stories Content Fund – a financial fund created to empower content creators in Singapore and around the world to tell amazing stories of Singapore. “While You Were Home” also was shared across social media channels to spread its meaningful messages.

Ivan Tan, group senior vice president, corporate and marketing communications of CAG said: “This project is exceptionally meaningful to us as we are part of the wider tourism ecosystem. The airport community has been working tirelessly to enhance safety measures across Changi Airport and Jewel while transforming the passenger experience in our terminals as well.”

Through the film, CAG wants to honor the tourism sector’s unsung heroes as well as their resilience and perseverance, who is taking care of the attractions to be ready for the day when they can welcome visitors again.


Not just being an international gateway to transport passengers from all over the world, Changi Airport has constantly invested in its brand image as well as new communication campaigns and brought itself to become a unique attraction in Singapore. CAG innovate campaigns for Changi Airport have made a new perspective on branding the airport of a nation.


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When airport contributes to building the image of national tourism


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