What are the differences between generations of Vietnamese tourists when traveling?

05:00:42 - July 22, 2021

Last May, Outbox Consulting released the report “Vietnamese summer travel behaviors of Vietnamese 2021” to learn about the travel preferences, psychological and behavioral information of more than 500 Vietnamese tourists who plan to take a trip this summer.

Although currently, the 4th outbreak of the pandemic across the country has halted all summer travel plans, it can be seen that after the recent outbreaks, the travel demand of Vietnamese tourists is only pent-up, not lost. Therefore, the findings on travel preferences, psychological and behavioral information of Vietnamese tourists from the report can still provide important insights to help tourism businesses better understand tourists to prepare recovery plans as soon as tourists return.

Preferences, psychological and behavioral information of Vietnamese tourists when traveling

Outbox Consulting’s survey was conducted with tourists in generations, including Gen Z (18-24 years old), Millennials (25-40 years old) and Gen X (41-56 years old) to find out the generation differences. However, there are many similar characteristics among most Vietnamese tourists, especially in terms of their preferences and psychology.

In particular, the top destinations for all three generations are Da Nang, Hanoi, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, and Ho Chi Minh City. Some other popular destinations with only slight differences in proportion, include Lam Dong, Ninh Binh, Hai Phong, Thua Thien – Hue,…

Most Vietnamese tourists prefer short trips, from 2-3 days or 4-5 days, and join in small groups with about 2-3 people or 4-5 people. However, Gen X tends to prefer long trips compared to the younger two generations, with more than half (52%) of Gen X preferring 4-5 day trips and about 30% of Gen X preferring 2 – 3 day trips. For Gen Z, almost 50% prefer 2-3 day trips and only 23.8% prefer 4-5 day trips. The ratio between these two types of trips for Millennials is equal at 41.3%.

In terms of psychology, the main purpose of travel for most tourists in all three generations is Leisure (Gen Z – 41.86%, Millennials – 51.81%, Gen X – 50.41%) and Entertainment (Gen Z – 49.42%, Millennials – 36.55%, Gen X – 42.98%). Besides, a few choose to travel to Visit friends/relatives. This also affects the reasons when selecting destinations of Vietnamese tourists, the most popular for all three generations are Self-preference and Budget, with the selection rate ranging from 25% to 38%. In addition, Millennials are interested in New Experiences at the destination.

Understanding travel behaviors of generations of Vietnamese tourists

At the planning stage, tourism businesses that want to reach three generations of Vietnamese tourists need to pay attention to the main information reference channels, which are Social media (Gen Z – 25.30%, Millennials – 22). ,91%, Gen X – 15.90%), Friends / relatives’ recommendations (about 21% in all three generations), and OTAs (Gen Z – 11.95%, Millennials – 14.94%, Gen X – 17.25%). In addition, Gen Z (14.74%) and Millennials (11.90%) also refer to Blogs & travel bloggers. Meanwhile, information channels such as Travel agencies (13.75%) and Official Tourism website of destination (10.51%) still play a relatively important role for some Gen X tourists.

When approaching Vietnamese tourists through these channels, tourism businesses need to provide information about Tourist attractions, Accommodations, Local spots for food experience, Entertainment activities, Shopping spots,… because these are the information that all three generations of Vietnamese tourists are most interested in and often look up before going. In addition, Gen X is especially interested in information about Transportation (12.9%).

Independent travel prevails in all three generations, especially in Gen Z with nearly 80% of Gen Z travelers choosing this type of travel. The ratio of 72.7% of Millennials who choose independent travel also show an overwhelming percentage compared to Package tours. However, the type of package tour is still interested by 45.45% of Gen X tourists.

Therefore, to be able to successfully attract 45.45% of Gen X tourists who prefer package tours, tourism businesses need to pay attention to the top factors that this group of tourists considers when booking tours, including: including Price (23.64%), Diverse tour program (14.55%) and Tour operators’ reputation (14.55%) According to this report, the three most popular tour operators among tourists who like to take package tours are Vietravel, Saigontourist, and Dulichviet.

For the amount of money Vietnamese are willing to spend for a trip, including a package tour, most tourists choose the price of 5 million VND. In particular, 40% of Gen Z are willing to pay 5 million VND and 20% are willing to pay 10 million VND. For Millennials, 29.27% ​​chose the price of 5 million VND, 22% chose the price of 10 million VND, about 10% chose the price of 6 million VND. For Gen X, in addition to the prices of 5 million VND (13.5%), and 10 million VND (19%), some other costs that are quite popular with this generation are from 2 million to 4 million and 7 million, with a selected rate of about 8% – 11%.

The satisfaction level of tour package tourists of three generations is determined by the quality of organization and service of the tour as well as the attractions. The selection rate of these factors is almost equal between the three generations.

For independent travelers, all three generations choose Accommodation as the first type of service to book, followed by Transportation and Activities at the destination. For the price of a room per night, 500,000 VND and 1,000,000 VND are the two most popular prices that three generations of Vietnamese tourists are willing to pay.

Even so, there are some differences in spending trends between generations. Specifically, the percentage of Gen Z and Gen X willing to spend from 500,000 VND or less is higher than that of Millennials. The ratio between some of the prominent prices for Gen Z is 1 million VND (14.41%), 500,000 VND (25.23%), 200,000 VND and 300,000 VND (8.11% for each). As for Gen X, these rates include 1 million VND (14.89%), 800,000 VND (12.77%), 500,000 VND (19.15%), and 400,000 VND (12.77%). Millennials tends to spend more with 7.48% willing to pay 2 million VND, 28.57% willing to spend 1 million VND and 19.73% willing to spend 500,000 VND per night.

In addition, to successfully reach the right target customers, accommodations can rely on factors when each tourist group chooses accommodation. Location, Amenities and Facility are the factors that all three generations are most concerned with. Besides, there is an outstanding percentage of Gen Z (16.15%) choosing Reviews from social media/ websites as a decision-making factor, 17.44% of Millennials are interested in Reviews from friends/ relatives, and 17.14% of Gen X are interested in Additional services at the accommodations.

The most popular activities for independent travelers are Sightseeing, Cuisine and Entertainment. To select experiences at the destination, Gen Z and Gen X will base on Price, Schedule and Reviews from social media/internet, and Millennials will base on Advertising.

Ultimately, the satisfaction of independent travelers after the trip is affected by key factors such as Safety, Quality of services, Friendliness of people, Diversity of local cuisine.

What are the differences between generations of Vietnamese tourists when traveling?


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