Ways to prepare your health for a trip

05:00:39 - November 01, 2022

When you feel sick, normally you will have no interest in anything, even a very nice thing like travel. That’s the reason why we should keep ourselves healthy right before and while traveling.

When it comes to travel, you will surely be excited, but at the same time, you also think a lot and can be mentally affected by many other issues such as motion sickness, long journeys, agoraphobia, expenses, planning where to go, what to do, packing luggage, etc. Let’s learn health tips from doctors and prepare a good mind and body to be ready to go!

Drink enough water

Water is extremely important to humans. Everyday, an adult needs about 2-3 liters of water (35-40 ml water per weight) to help the immune system perform optimally. When traveling, you should try to drink the same amount of water as usual. In particular, if traveling by plane, flying is dehydrating, so remember to drink water during the flight. However, you shouldn’t drink tea, coffee or wine since they will cause dehydration.

Not only on the flight, during the trip, tourists also need to drink enough water. Ideally, you should carry along a reusable water bottle and refill it whenever possible. This both helps you strong during the journey, and also reduces plastic waste, contributing to protecting the environment.

If just drinking water bores you, you can change to juice instead of carbonated soft drinks, or alcoholic beverages. Anyway, sipping some wine or beer can’t knock you out while traveling, but it’s better to know your limit and drink a moderate amount to sleep uninterrupted!

Get enough sleep

In addition to water, sleep also plays an essential role. A person needs to spend 6-8 hours sleeping each day. On days wandering, the body still wants to rest, regenerate energy and repair cells after a long day of traveling, changing time zones, carrying luggage, sightseeing activities, parties, chatting until late, and more.

Moreover, while traveling, you are likely to be exposed to viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, especially after the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, listen to your body and sleep enough so that your immune system works properly. After that, even if you return to your normal routine, you will still be sober and fine.

Add vitamin

Travelers can proactively supplement vitamins through daily meals. Natural vitamins are available in vegetables, fruit, and other food like milk, yolk, meat, fish, etc. You can also take a multivitamin because we don’t always get enough of the above food when traveling.


Once you make sure that you eat, drink and sleep enough, you can improve your health by exercising or playing sports. This helps to relieve nerves and stress, while giving the immune system and stamina an immediate boost. If your trip requires walking and carrying a lot, exercise is one of the things you should “pack” in your baggage.

You will easily find gyms in many hotels/resorts or sign up for short-term workouts at nearby gyms. More simply, you can jog in the park or do exercise on the beach,… For those who are not in the habit of exercising, try to spend about 10 minutes a day stretching your body. You should also learn some stretching exercises if you have to take a long flight.

Regularly disinfect and wash hands

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the behavior of many people, forming the habit of washing hands and disinfecting to keep themselves away from viruses, bacteria and other infectious diseases. Although the epidemic has been controlled, there are still many other risks outside, so remember to bring hand sanitizer and regularly disinfect. Hand sanitizer will help prevent the spread of bacteria, especially before and after meals and when touching shared areas.

Besides, tourists need to wear face masks in crowded places and use sunscreen, insect repellents to protect their skin. You should also learn about the weather of your destination to prepare suitable clothing and accessories, ready to cope with the climate that is likely to shift erratically. In the changing seasons, when you are traveling in a strange land, try to protect your health for a complete and happy journey!

Ways to prepare your health for a trip


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