Ways to “knock out” post-travel depression

05:00:30 - August 16, 2022

Traveling can help us overcome sadness and stress in life, but it can also make us sad after a trip. All good things must come to an end, but don’t let that affect you too much and cause “post-travel depression” (or post-vacation blue, post-holiday blue).

Post-travel depression is a feeling of depression that hits you at the end of a trip. Sometimes it can even begin in the days running up to the end, you always feel a little sad in the days before heading home with the old routines. Symptoms often seen include fatigue, loneliness, lethargy, concentration difficulties, insomnia, lack of energy, irritability, anxiety, etc.

Although it only lasts for a short time, post-travel depression can still have a negative impact on your mental health, leading to a reduced quality of life. Then let’s try these methods if you often feel so depressed after a trip.

Don’t return to work or study immediately

Almost everyone will find it terrible if they come back home after a fun trip this evening and have to rush to company or class early in the next morning. When you keep thinking about new experiences and strange dishes from the last trip, it will be difficult for you to focus on studying or working. If possible, you should take 1 or 2 days off to overcome jet lag and back to daily life. You’d better end your vacation on Friday or Saturday.

Meet up and chat with friends

One of the very effective ways to beat post-holiday blues is connecting with friends. We can tell them the unforgettable memories from the trip. Not only do you share your own story, you also get to hear from your friends about what happened while you were not here. This will help keep you distracted and lessen your attention on how you wish you still traveled.

Besides, in the digital world, you can also upload photos and sharing after the trip on social media as a way to release emotions and preserve clearer memories. Interaction with friends online is also helpful in reducing loneliness. Before posting status on social networks, people will often edit photos and clips to make them more beautiful. Thanks to that, you will keep the joy when you return.

Clean your house neatly before leaving

Right before departure, try to keep your accommodation tidy or not too messy. Let’s imagine after an outing and coming back with nostalgia to depression, but being greeted by a cluttered house, you will certainly be more and more tired. Plus a suitcase crammed with dirty clothes and other things that need to be cleaned up, your post-travel depression will hardly leave you anytime soon.

Travel in your backyard

If all of the above don’t work for you, try exploring around your area! Playing a tourist, you can visit places you rarely or never go to, participate in some interesting local activities, take lots of photos or eat foods you have never tried before at where you live. People travel around the world and then return to the place called home and “home” is also a very attractive destination.

Plan for the next trip

A good way to take your mind off of the post-holiday blues is planning out your next trip. Start by sitting down and coming up with a list of everywhere you dream to visit once in a lifetime. Next, start planning for how you can make it come true. Therefore, you will have a new concern and no longer feel anxious about your previous trip.

Take good care of yourself

While traveling, we often tend to ignore our daily routines. For instance, you try tasting local cuisine but not really like the ingredients, or you spend much time relaxing and enjoying the carefree life without exercise; you drink alcohol at night, and dance and play all night long and then crave a deep sleep.

That’s why you should take care of yourself after the trip. Decide to eat healthy food for a while, join a gym or simply sleep early! Taking good care of yourself will help reduce your depression. The best thing is that you still keep your regular living habits even while traveling. If so, you probably don’t need to worry too much about post-vacation blues.

Other effective tips to overcome these temporary symptoms are keeping yourself busy during the last days of your trip or helping other travelers. Whenever you feel haunted by your last vacation or run out of energy after a trip, feel free to try the above ways. If you can quickly overcome depression, you will be recharged for the next journey. All good things must come to an end, but this ending will become the next beginning. And who knows, your next trip will be much more amazing and memorable than before!

Ways to “knock out” post-travel depression


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