Virgin Australia tests new seat upgrades on planes

Destination Editor
10:30:37 - November 19, 2021

Virgin Australia’s trialing new business class and economy class seats on its two domestic Boeing 737 aircrafts, and gathering feedback from passengers.

Virgin Australia claims the prototype business class seat will offer an additional seven inches of recline, up to 40 percent more than the carrier’s existing business class. In addition, seats will be equipped with a high-power USB power socket, in-seat storage nooks for personal items, non-slip cocktail tables, and movable tray tables with inbuilt device holders to make it easier to view content on a phone or tablet during their meal.

Meanwhile, the economy seats will be outfitted with a seatback gadget holder that can accommodate from a tiny smartphone to a big tablet. A designated recess for the safety card and on-board menu will free up extra room in the standard seatback pocket for the passenger’s personal stuff.

The total seat count will remain unchanged with 8 business class seats and 162 economy class seats. All of them have a horizontal rib design that provides passengers with additional support and comfort while flying.

According to Paul Jones, Virgin Australia’s Chief Customer and Digital Officer, the two refitted Boeing 737s will be available to the public in the coming months. Depending on passengers’ feedback, the new seats may be considered for use in the airline’s future aircrafts.

He said: “Virgin Australia is committed to being a customer-led company, therefore after we receive input from our guests and crew, we will explore incorporating components of the new design into our fleet.”

Virgin Australia tests new seat upgrades on planes


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