Vinpearl resort in Nha Trang will be equipped with a new submarine called DeepView 24

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04:18:08 - May 11, 2020

Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup has just confirmed its purchase of Triton DeepView 24 submarine for its Vinpearl resort in the south-central beach city of Nha Trang and is planning to add it to the list of tourist activities there by the end of this year.

The news of the billionaire Vuong Pham Nhat, who is the owner of Vingroup conglomerate, placing an order of the tourism submarine named Triton DeepView 24 for Vinpearl’s tourist activities has become a spotlight in many international newspapers.

The Triton DeepView 24 can carry a total of 24 passengers in its 15.4-meter-long cabin and take them to the depths of up to 100 meters, offering them magnificent views of the ocean, just like the Hollywood movie Aquaman, thanks to its vast panoramic windows. It is also equipped with modern and nice air conditioning systems along the side of the cabin and even provides a wheelchair-accessible entrance for the disabled.

When diving deep down into the water, the DeepView 24 submarine makes nearly no noise and it is completely environmentally friendly as well as is designed to create the most convenient atmosphere for all the passengers inside.

The underwater vessel is manufactured by U.S.-based Triton Submarines Company, which is famous for its Limiting Factor submersible that last year made a record-breaking dive to the deepest point in the planet’s oceans, the Mariana Trench – 10,927 meters beneath the surface.

“DeepView 24 is the most significant commercial tourism submarine to have been brought to the market in the past two decades,” claimed the company representative. Since there are more and more exploring programs broadcast globally like Blue Planet II, the number of people who want to explore the sea is increasing in arithmetic progression, especially at the moment, people are more likely to show their concerns about the ocean. Therefore, the DeepView 24 submarine was developed in response to a rise in demand from travelers and tourists alike for adventure and experience-based holidays.

According to Bruce Jones, co-founder and CEO of Triton Submarines, the Triton DeepView 24 with its panoramic view represents a quantum leap forward in submarine technology, providing a vastly improved, fully-immersive guest experience. “In general, the DeepView submarine can carry from 6 to 66 passengers and based on the size of each required model, they will make suitable adjustments accordingly. This makes the submarine can be easily exploited in various sea locations.

The vessel has been commissioned by hospitality firm Vinpearl, which is managed by Vingroup, to provide guest experiences on Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang City, located in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa. The vessel was assembled at Triton’s manufacturing facility in Barcelona, where it successfully passed trials in March.

It is likely that visitors to the resort Vinpearl Nha Trang will be able to buy tickets for DeepView 24 tours in December 2020.


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Vinpearl resort in Nha Trang will be equipped with a new submarine called DeepView 24


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