Vietravel concentrates on safety on tours amid pandemic

Destination Editor
10:00:40 - August 27, 2020

Travel companies in general and Vietravel in particular are building new tour products based on the general safety criteria of the General Department of Tourism and the Ministry of Health.

Vietravel has announced its new tours accordingly to the current COVID-19 situation. From now on, all itineraries from any of Vietravel tour do not go through areas which have become an epicenter and avoid going through localities with a high risk of infection. The tour operator also offers solutions to prevent the spread of the virus to ensure safety for its customers.

The entire Vietravel team has been well-trained in responding to unexpected circumstances well as applying quarantine measures such as: measuring body temperature, providing face masks and hand sanitizers for customers, and monitoring and keeping track of customers’ health information throughout the tour and 14 days after the tour.

The company also strengthens the inspection and supervision of how its service providers implement safety measures as committed. Its restaurant partners are applying serving meals in separate food portions for all visitors. If there is a lack of supporters in the trip or eatery utensils, which make dividing into separate portions impossible, the restaurants will provide different sets of chopsticks and spoons for each dish and the serving staff must ensure and remind that customers remember to use these separate eatery utensils to take their food from the dish.

The transporting vehicles are sterilized with antiseptic solutions according to the regulations and guidance of the Ministry of Health with periodical and regular frequency, before welcoming passengers on and even after the tour ends. The travel company also focuses on highlighting safe tourism principles, which gives tourists more security and confidence during the trip.

The company also conducts tours that are short-distance or last for two to three days only. Besides, Vietravel offers Free&Easy service and various travel combo (air ticket and hotel booking combo, or car rent and hotel booking combo) which are suitable for family vacations, weekend getaways with groups of friends, and holidays celebrating Independence Day. With these new tour packages, tourists can experience the local five-starred hotels with luxurious services at a discounted price.


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Vietravel concentrates on safety on tours amid pandemic


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