Vietnamese tourists still prefer domestic tourism in the summer 2022

05:00:10 - June 21, 2022

After the pandemic in the past 2 years, Vietnam’s tourism industry is showing very good signs of recovery, paving the way for the tourist season this summer. However, they still have some concerns about traveling. Their tastes have also changed. Let’s refer to Outbox’s latest report to have a better look at the travel sentiment of Vietnamese people from June to September 2022!

Recently, Outbox, the travel market intelligence agency, has released the report “Vietnamese Travel Sentiment Snapshot June – September 2022 period”. Data was collected in May 2022, on 600 Vietnamese who have intent to travel within the next three months. The report aims to help destinations and businesses in Vietnam’s tourism industry capture the willingness, mindset and taste of Vietnamese tourists to travel so that they can have an appropriate plan for the most important season of the year – summer holiday.

Recovery level of Vietnam’s tourism

According to the “Vietnamese Travel Sentiment Snapshot June – September 2022 period” report, Vietnam’s tourism is currently recovering; scoring 8.69/10 points.

The above results are thanks to the Government’s effective border closing and opening policies and measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic as well as the efforts of the frontline workers. From March 15, 2022, Vietnam has fully opened tourism and from May 15, visitors temporarily are not required a Covid-19 test before entering the country.

The World Economic Forum’s latest report showed that the development capacity index of Vietnam’s tourism industry in 2021 ranked 52nd, up 8 places compared to 2019, among the top of the three biggest improvers globally.

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Vietnam is witnessing strong growth in domestic tourism, receiving 48.6 million visitors in the first five months of the year. Nevertheless, many still have concerns and worries about traveling in the near future.

Concerns of Vietnamese tourists

About the travel experience, most Vietnamese tourists think that traveling is still limited, prices are increasing, the safety is not really assured,… and that the tourism has partly recovered but still sad.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, more than 47% of people surveyed were concerned about their financial situation and nearly 48% expressed concern about their health. In addition, most of them are concerned about traveling abroad, both for leisure and business trips (with more than 6/10 points). Domestic travel for 1-2 nights is rated as the least worrying (4.34/10 points). In general, domestic tourism is still preferred by many Vietnamese tourists over international tourism in the next 3 months.

When deciding to travel again post-pandemic, people are often affected by many subjective and objective factors. According to Outbox’s survey, things that most influence Vietnamese tourists’ decision to travel again are concerns about variations of the epidemic, about the safety of their loved ones, including children and the elderly. Next is travel being too expensive at the moment, their own safety, spending and financial problems. Others believe that the tourism industry is not really ready yet, so they are also not ready to travel again.

New tastes in tourist destinations

As mentioned, domestic tourism has seen strong growth after Covid-19. Therefore, in the near future, Vietnamese tourists will tend to travel in the country and explore the beautiful destinations of Vietnam.

According to the “Vietnamese Travel Sentiment Snapshot June – September 2022 period” report, Vietnamese tourists will also prioritize destinations closer to Vietnam if going abroad. Specifically, 76% of people surveyed will visit Asia – Pacific countries, 13% choose Europe and 11% want to travel to America.

Photo: Outbox.

The top 5 most voted international destinations include Japan (22%), South Korea (18%), Singapore (12%), Thailand (10%), and the US (9%). Currently, these countries have all eased travel regulations and restrictions.

For example, from June 1, Japan has doubled the limit on the number of people allowed to enter the country to 20,000 per day, exempting many from quarantine and testing. Also from June 1, South Korea began to issue visas again to foreign tourists. Previously, the country also excluded Vietnam from the list of enhanced quarantine. Or the US has officially abolished the requirement that visitors arriving by air must have a Covid-19 test certificate, effective from June 12. Vietnamese airlines have also resumed many flight routes and opened more routes to these countries.

Through Outbox’s report, it can be seen that Vietnam’s tourism market is considered to rapidly recover. The current context is getting better and better when people are fully vaccinated and moving is easier. However, there are still some doubts and concerns about traveling again. That is the reason why many Vietnamese tourists prefer to travel within the country and to nearby destinations to distant continents, at least during the three summer months according to the survey. Therefore, Vietnam’s provinces and cities are trying to promote unique and modern tourism products mixed with traditions, culture and history to attract not only domestic tourists but international tourists as well.

Vietnamese tourists still prefer domestic tourism in the summer 2022


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