Vietnamese restaurant wins $1 million prize in US

10:30:57 - August 19, 2022

Recently, Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Hustle in Houston, Texas has become the winner of the Million Dollar Restaurant Launch contest organized by the Savory Fund, with an investment of up to 1 million USD.

It is known that Saigon Hustle restaurant has surpassed a total of 240 candidates to reach this victory. In addition to cash, the $1 million investment will help Saigon Hustle accelerate its restaurant development activities in near the future.

Photo: Savory Fund.

Sharing about this victory, Cassie Ghaffar and Sandy Nguyen – founders of Saigon Hustle restaurant said: “More importantly the managing partner also comes from the tech industry. They have an amazing team for every aspect to run a successful brand, and that’s what’s so admirable and respectable. We are beyond thrilled at the opportunities we have with them”.

After winning this competition, Cassie Ghaffar and Sandy Nguyen are expected to continue to open a second location of the fast casual restaurant.

First launched in 2020, Saigon Hustle is a restaurant specializing in traditional Vietnamese dishes with creative twists. For example, honey-glazed salmon rolls or a twist on the classic “bánh xèo” – a flour and turmeric crepe filled with braised pork belly, shrimp, and vegetables.

Photo: Saigon Hustle.

Established in 2020, the Savory Fund has successfully supported chain stores such as The Crack Shack, Swig, R&R Barbeque, Via 313 and Pincho.

Vietnamese restaurant wins $1 million prize in US


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