Vietnamese banh mi listed among world’s 23 best sandwiches

Thu Uyên
08:00:23 - May 21, 2022

Recently, CNN Travel – The famous American travel magazine has announced a list of 23 most delicious sandwiches in the world, and Vietnam’s banh mi is honorably ranked 4th.

Banh mi is a famous cuisine that is modified according to the taste of each local region and is often sold in food carts in all provinces and cities on the S-shaped land. Even this dish is loved by many foreign tourists and is widely spread beyond the country’s borders.

According to CNN, the most popular version of banh mi has a filling consisting of pate made from pork liver, served with “chả lụa” (Vietnamese-style pork rolls), shredded pickled carrots, coriander (cilantro), sauce and a few other ingredients. The crispy taste of the crust and the fresh ingredients in the filling will give diners an unforgettable experience. However, today, Vietnamese bread has more diverse variations to satisfy diners when adding grilled pork, shredded chicken, pan-fried beef served with European-style mayonnaise,…

Not only CNN praised, Vietnamese banh mi was also reported by culinary experts, international media such as BBC, Wall Street Journal. In particular, from March-2011, the phrase “banh mi” was officially added to the Oxford dictionary, confirmed as a proper noun “Banh mi” – (banh mi /ˈbɑːn miː/) instead of being called Vietnamese sandwich as before.

In CNN’s list of the 23 best sandwiches in the world, at the top is the Pambazo – a popular street sandwich in Mexico. In addition to Vietnam, Asia only has Japanese Katsu sando cake on the list of votes. Notably, the US country has up to six types of cakes, there are Muffaletta, Po’boy, Cuban sandwich, Reuben, Philly cheese, and lobster roll. The rest are Tramezzino (Italy), Shawarma and Falafel pita (Middle East), Chivito (Uruguay), Pan bagnat (France), Smørrebrød (Denmark),…

Vietnamese banh mi listed among world’s 23 best sandwiches


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