Vietnam, the ideal honeymoon destination for couples

08:00:52 - October 31, 2022

Vietnam is presently one of the top 12 honeymoon destinations, according to a Travel + Leisure magazine study.

Besides, Travel + Leisure magazine also suggests interesting destinations for young couples who are intending to travel in Vietnam such as Da Lat, Muong Hoa valley or the famous Fansipan in Sapa.

For couples who are looking for a gentle honeymoon, filled with unique cuisine and cultural space, Hanoi is a must-visit place when they come to Vietnam.

In addition, Con Dao with its white sand beach and beautiful trails is also a place promoted by Travel + Leisure in its article. According to the magazine, the Six Senses resort in Con Dao is the place where Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their children chose in 2011.

In addition to Vietnam, this list also features ideal honeymoon destinations such as Jamaica (Caribbean), Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, Key Largo, Honolulu (USA),…

Vietnam, the ideal honeymoon destination for couples


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