Vietnam targets 8 million foreign tourists by 2023

08:00:31 - December 27, 2022

Vietnam sets a higher target than this year (5 million international tourists), but less than a half of 2019 (18 million arrivals).

Speaking at a recent conference, Deputy Director General of the Department of Tourism, Ha Van Sieu, noted that Vietnam aspires to attract 8 million international visitors, and at the same time aims for a revenue of 650 trillion VND (27.3 billion USD). 

In 2022, Vietnam’s tourism industry welcomed about 3.5 million international visitors, accounting for almost 70% of the target. Revenue reached 495 trillion VND (20.8 billion USD).

Despite being one of the first Southeast Asian countries to reopen to foreign tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam currently ranks near the bottom of the region’s recovery rankings. 

Meanwhile, neighboring nations such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia have all met their targets for the year. 

Ha Van Sieu explained that key tourism markets such as China and Russia were sluggish to open, and visa limitations were the biggest challenges for tourism recovery.

To improve the situation, many in the tourism industry are now urging the government to expand the visa-free program to include other nations, while also extending the visa-free stay of tourists to 30-45 days to create favorable conditions for recovery. With this change, Vietnam’s tourism industry is expected to thrive in 2023.

Vietnam targets 8 million foreign tourists by 2023


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