Vietnam ranks 7th in world’s best destinations for expats

10:30:20 - July 20, 2022

In the annual survey Expat Insider of InterNations, Vietnam is ranked 7th in the list of best places for expats in 2022, 3 ranks higher than last year. Specifically, 84% of expats surveyed said they were satisfied with life in Vietnam.

Top 10 best destinations for expats in 2022 according to Expat Insider include Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.

This is the 9th survey by InterNations, the largest global community for expats with more than 4.5 million members, surveying nearly 12,000 people living and working abroad in 52 countries and territories.

Photo: InterNations.

The survey measures the satisfaction of expats in the residence, including indicators: Quality of life, Ease of settlement, Working abroad, Personal finance and some basic indicators such as Digital life, governance, housing and language. The survey results showed that 84% said they were satisfied with their life in Vietnam.

The warm and friendly welcome of the locals is a special factor that makes foreigners living in Vietnam feel at home. Accordingly, Vietnam is ranked 9th on the Easy Migration Index out of 52 countries.

Next, respondents said that Vietnam is the best country in the world in terms of Personal Finance index. 80% of surveyed expats feel happy with the cost of living in Vietnam. More than 90% say their disposable household income is enough or more for a comfortable life.

However, there are still other factors that make expats in Vietnam uncomfortable, affecting their long-term living needs such as environment, noise pollution, availability of green goods and services, mental and health care services, transportation, administrative services,… These are things Vietnam needs to improve in the future.

Despite some shortcomings, through InterNations’ survey, it can be seen that Vietnam is increasingly asserting its position with expats thanks to the efforts of the government and the warmth of the people.

Vietnam ranks 7th in world’s best destinations for expats


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