Vietnam pilots new seven-day quarantine policy

Destination Editor
11:30:10 - June 28, 2021

Vietnam is going to reduce the centralized quarantine period for those who have been fully vaccinated with 2 doses from 21 days to seven days, choosing Quang Ninh province to deploy the pilot.

Last week, the Vietnamese Government approved the official guideline for a pilot scheme of centralized quarantine on entry for those who have tested negative and have received two vaccine jabs with a total period of seven days, just a third compared to the current 21-day quarantine. With this new decision, Vietnam chooses Quang Ninh province to pilot the new policy within a month, starting from July 1.

The applicable entrants are all citizens entering Vietnam through every international border gate, including through airports, land borders and seaports, as they present certification for their vaccination status within 12 months from the entrance. Only the vaccines licensed by the World Health Organization, the CDC (US), the European/Vietnamese Medicines Agency are accepted.

In addition, those who have been recovered from Covid-19 treatment and tested negative before the arrival are also subject to the above regulations, and only complying with centralized quarantine within 7 days at Vietnamese military areas. These entrants can also register for self-quarantine at a hotel or resort if they want to, as long as they pay for all the costs.

The rest of the entrants must comply with the same 14-day centralized quarantine and another seven-day self-quarantine once they come to their next destination. All entrants have to make a medical declaration on digital applications upon entry as well to make sure they have no alarming symptoms.

In terms of repatriated Vietnamese nationals, Vietnamese delegations going abroad when returning home will not need to undergo quarantine as long as they have had two doses of vaccine and tested negative upon entry; however, they are still under regular check-ups and health monitor by authorities. Those who have not received two vaccine jabs will be tested three times within 14 days and also have to stay in quarantine for seven days.

Vietnam pilots new seven-day quarantine policy


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