Vietnam cuisine gets world’s 10 best billing

Thu Uyên
10:30:21 - July 28, 2022

Based on the reviews of readers, The Travel magazine has selected 10 countries with the best cuisine in the world. In particular, Vietnamese cuisine – famous for its pho and rice-based dishes ranks 5th on this list.

According to The Travel, as a coastal country with many fishing villages, seafood is a popular food in Vietnam. But Vietnamese cuisine is not all about seafood. In fact, the variety of Vietnamese dishes can confuse visitors.

This magazine encourages tourists to Vietnam to try the famous pho, both beef pho and chicken noodle soup – a dish that originated in Hanoi but was brought to the South with very different variations. In addition to pho, visitors should try other famous dishes such as spring rolls and banh mi, as well as different types of rice when served with chicken, beef or pork.

Vietnamese cuisine has become more known to the world over the past few decades, as international chefs and prestigious culinary magazines have praised some of the national dishes.

Along with Vietnam, readers of The Travel have selected 9 other world’s best cuisines: USA, Germany, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Spain, India, and 2 other countries in the South East Asia region are Thailand and the Philippines. America is the first name on the list. According to the assessment, the US is one of the countries with the most diversity in the world and so American cuisine is also extremely rich. Some of the best foodie destinations in America include New Orleans, New York, Miami, Savannah, and New York.

Vietnam cuisine gets world’s 10 best billing


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