Vietnam Airlines resumes some international routes

Destination Editor
05:00:25 - July 13, 2021

Vietnam Airlines has just announced that it will reopen some international routes to Asia, Europe and Australia from mid-July to October.

According to Vietnam Airlines, the upcoming resumption of international routes is to serve the needs of workers and international students who want to go abroad and bring foreign experts to Vietnam. Overseas Vietnamese workers and students are still repatriating on rescue flights complying with the Government’s regulations.

In particular, Vietnam Airlines will reopen flights between Hanoi and Tokyo every Wednesday and Saturday. From August 1 to October 30, the airline will open another flight from Tokyo to Ho Chi Minh City every Thursday and open more routes between Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok every Wednesday.

The airline also plans to resume flights from Hanoi to Frankfurt on July 25, July 28 and August 21, and from Hanoi to London on August 13 and September 2. Return flights from Frankfurt to Hanoi are scheduled to depart on July 26, July 29 and August 22, and from London to Hanoi on August 14 and September 3.

For Australia, Vietnam Airlines plans to re-operate the route between Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney from July 15 to October 30 with 2 round trip flights per week, and the route between Ho Chi Minh City and Melbourne from 20/7 to 30/10 with 1 round trip flight per week.

Vietnam Airlines resumes some international routes


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