Tripadvisor and OTA Insight partner up with new hotel intelligence solutions

Destination Editor
10:22:44 - October 29, 2020

Tripadvisor is launching two new subscription products with the hotel revenue management solution company OTA Insight to its suite of solutions for hoteliers.

Spotlight is a new business intelligence solution created in partnership between Tripadvisor and OTA Insight, to help hoteliers forecast demand and set appropriate rates.

Since historical data is virtually irrelevant due to COVID-19, Tripadvisor says its Spotlight solution can help hoteliers maximize RevPAR by combining the platform’s forward-looking consumer search data with OTA Insight’s pricing and parity data.

The subscription gives hoteliers access to two tools. Rate Spotlight enables hoteliers to compare nightly rates with competitors, adjust rates and identify parity issues. Market Spotlight provides search data from Tripadvisor along with OTA Insight’s aggregated data on flights, alternative accommodations and more.

“OTA Insight and Tripadvisor are both industry leaders in data intelligence with a shared culture of disruptive innovation,” says Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO at OTA Insight.

“Our partnership with Tripadvisor will provide hoteliers with access to unique traveler demand insights to navigate challenging market conditions and find new revenue opportunities.”

Tripadvisor’s other new subscription solution is Reputation Pro, which automatically collects reviews on a hotel’s behalf through email, text message and mobile app.

The systems also enable hotels to manage their Tripadvisor reviews, as well as those on sites such as Google and Facebook, all in one dashboard, and it provides analysis to identify those aspects of the guest experience that are driving positive or negative feedback.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve increased our focus on making the business of hospitality easier for hoteliers. Now more than ever, they need actionable insights and easy-to-use tools that help build their brand and maximize their profitability, all while saving them time,” says Martin Verdon-Roe, general manager of hospitality solutions at Tripadvisor.

“The launch of Spotlight and Reputation Pro, alongside our existing Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements solutions, marks a huge step forward in our efforts to help hoteliers navigate the pandemic in the short term and position their business for a return to profitable growth in the long term.”


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Tripadvisor and OTA Insight partner up with new hotel intelligence solutions


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