uses AI and encrypts data to enhance customer experience during the pandemic

05:00:38 - April 14, 2022

The past two years of the pandemic have accelerated the adoption of technology in many aspects of the tourism sector. At Group, using AI and enhanced data encryption are some of the new initiatives to help the group meet the needs of customers and overcome the challenging period.

Leveraging AI to solve customer requests

As the pandemic occurred, global upheavals made the need for assistance from travelers skyrocketing. Group has recorded a 10-fold increase in requests from customers compared to pre-pandemic levels. Furthermore, the customers’ issues that the Customer Service agents and chatbots have to handle were also much more complex.

Realizing this, quickly upgraded its intelligent storage auto-expansion technology and leveraged AI to handle customer requests more efficiently and accurately.

In 2020,’s Technology team upgraded the AI model of the chatbot, allowing the chatbot to automatically identify trending information in real-time, based on the most recent Covid-19 policies and frequently asked questions. The technology also automatically updates the “Frequently Asked Questions” section on a daily basis so that customers can easily find the right answers as they interact with the chatbot.

In addition to supporting answering customers’ questions, the AI chatbot also helps connect customers with service providers seamlessly. For example, when customers have booked on but still have not received a reservation, they can send a request to the AI chatbot for confirmation. The AI chatbot will automatically directly send this request to the hotel without via Customer Service agent, so the customer will receive a confirmation message from the hotel in just a few minutes.

In the unfortunate circumstances, such as inclement weather, that cause a customer to change their flight schedule on the booking page,’s AI system will automatically send the customer’s information and request to the airline. With this improvement, customers can reschedule their flights much faster, instead of calling Customer Service like before.

In addition, also developed an AI assistant tool to help relieve the pressure of handling customer requests for service agents. This tool automatically labels and categorizes requests from customers in real-time, helping to resolve requests more efficiently, saving time and effort for customers and agents.

The shield that protects user data

Protecting user data is one of the focuses at, especially during the pandemic when almost all activities took place on online platforms. The group’s Information Security team has a project “Shield” to reform and upgrade the backend algorithm, and strengthen the encryption of user data on all platforms.

On the group’s sub-brand platforms (, Ctrip and Qunar), users’ information such as email, phone number, and other data is encrypted immediately when users register for a new account. When people purchasing for services, personal information such as identity card numbers, payment card information, etc. is also secured by encryption. also narrows down the decryption channel and strictly monitors the decryption process, leaving only a few interfaces necessary for business exchange and user service. In the event that data decryption is required, such as when an airline needs to verify a traveler ID or a provider needs a user’s phone number to send a confirmation message, the platform will start a strict risk assessment protocol and only provide information to third parties when there is sufficient reason.

As a technology platform, has not stopped innovating even during difficult times to be more efficient. Thanks to the AI chatbot, customers can solve over 70% of their problems on their own, without having to chat directly with a Customer Service agent. Automatically sending customers’ requests to airlines has also saved customers and Customer Service at least 10 minutes in processing customer requests. Technological initiatives such as accelerating the application of AI to operations and enhancing user data protection have helped overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

Source: uses AI and encrypts data to enhance customer experience during the pandemic


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