Travelers look forward to experiencing more in 2022

05:00:45 - February 03, 2022

In a Tripadvisor survey of more than 10,000 travelers in five markets, travelers want to experience more in terms of quantity and quality when planning their future trip. Obviously, travel habits post-pandemic will change, the tourism sector needs to embrace these changes to prepare for a return in 2022.

Tripadvisor’s Travel in 2022 – A look ahead report was conducted in 5 markets including the US, UK, Australia, Singapore and Japan, surveying travel possibilities and the experiences that travelers seek for their trip in the year. 2022. Most of the respondents said they are very likely or fairly likely to travel this year, either for leisure, to visit friends or relatives, or for business. Singaporean tourists were the most eager to travel this year with the highest rate among the five markets, at 89%, followed by the UK with 85%. The rate of Australia and the US were approximately equal at 79% and 78% respectively. Japan had the lowest rate at 58%, but still a fairly high percentage.

One important finding in this Tripadvisor survey is that travelers want to find something new on trips this year. Whatever the reason for the trip, the “new” factor was an important part of most of the respondents. 75% of US travelers said they want to “see new places”, and the number in other markets such as Australia (74%), Singapore (74%), UK (70%) were not far behind.

The pandemic has caused travelers to change important factors of their trip in the future. Now, traveling to a place they’ve never been before has become much more important than when they planned their trip in 2019. 41% of US travelers agree with this. The rate in Australia was 46%, Singapore was 49%, UK was 38% and Japan was 34%.

In addition to the top “seeing new places”, other “new” factors most considered by travelers were “having new experiences” and “learning about history and culture”. More than simply looking for a new destination to rest, most travelers now want a trip to “immerse” in the experiences and culture of that destination. In the five markets surveyed, travelers in the UK, US, Australia and Singapore markets rated “having new experiences” as very important, accounting for from 67% to 73%, and the proportion for “learning about history and culture” was about 60%. Japan had the lowest rates at 44% and 51%, respectively.

The need to immerse in “authentic local experiences” became more important than before the pandemic, 44% of Singapore travelers agreed with this, 34% of US and UK travelers had the same opinions.

After two years of restrictions in travel, in addition to the desire to participate in new experiences, many travelers also wanted to participate in as many activities as possible. About 30% of US and UK travelers said it has become more important to “pack as many activities” for the trip this year than before the pandemic. Besides, they were also willing to spend more on a big trip.

The role of travel agents is likely to become more important

As travelers get ready to plan and spend on their travel this year, the matter is how they can search for services or tours that meet their needs. According to the survey, the demand for experiencing guided tours or self-guided tours is on the rise.

In addition to experiencing nature and relaxing, many travelers also want to experience self-guided cultural activities, and about 20% of travelers said that this year, they will choose more guided cultural activities than before the pandemic.

For example, in the UK, 20% of travelers said they expected to choose guided cultural activities such as tours of museums, historical landmarks, etc. more than before. About 25% of UK travelers plan to choose self-guided cultural activities. This figure was similar to the US market with 22% and 30% respectively. The Australian and Singaporean markets also had 22% and 24% of travelers, respectively, who wanted to participate in more guided cultural tours.

Looking to the new year 2022, changes in travelers’ habits such as the need to experience new things, the desire to discover and immerse in the destination’s culture, along with the need to find services that can help travelers experience a better trip will open up new opportunities for tourism businesses. By understanding the needs and offering new and unique experiences in the new context, businesses can better approach, attract and retain travelers.

Travelers look forward to experiencing more in 2022


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