Travel summer season in Europe this year has recovered modestly

Destination Editor
05:04:53 - September 17, 2021

ForwardKeys has just released research data on international flights to Europe in July and August, showing that flights are only 40% of pre-pandemic levels.

Although the continent reached less than half of the flights compared to before the pandemic, the figure of 40% is still much more positive than the 27% recorded last year.

However, this trend is quite different in each country. Greece is the leading country with almost 86% of arrivals in July & August compared to 2019. Greece has announced to allow visitors to travel with requirements that they have been fully vaccinated and/or tested negative and/or had proof of recovering from Covid-19.

The following ranked countries reached around 60% compared to 2019, including Cyprus (65%), Turkey (62%) and Iceland (62%).

The countries with the lowest rate are the UK (more than 14%), Ireland (nearly 22%), Russia (23.2%).

Excluding low-cost airlines, intra-European flights accounted for 71.4%, compared to the figure of only 57.1% in 2019.

In terms of destinations, Palma Mallorca beach destination reached 71.5% compared to before the pandemic, ranked second is Athens with 70.2%. Some cities also recorded good results including Istanbul (56.5%), Lisbon (43.5%), Madrid (42.4%), Paris (31.2%), Barcelona (31.1%), Amsterdam (30.7%) and Rome (24.2%).

Olivier Ponti, Vice President, Insights, ForwardKeys, commented: “When one considers how dreadful things were for tourism in Europe last year, this summer has been a very modest recovery story.

“Benchmarked against normal times, the continued low intensity of international air travel, less than 40 per cent of normal, has been extremely damaging for the aviation industry.

“The continued absence of long-haul travellers, particularly from the Far East (it reached just 2.5 per cent of pre-pandemic volumes this summer) will prove a severe blow to the visitor economy of several European countries.”

Travel summer season in Europe this year has recovered modestly


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