Top most desired destinations for Thai tourists

Như Lê
10:30:29 - December 04, 2022

Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom are among the top five most desired international destinations for Thai tourists, according to the Thailand Tourism Intent Research 2023.

Accordingly, research conducted with 2,000 Thai respondents, found that the top three considerations when choosing an international destination are travel costs (65%), weather (49%), and demand to explore new places (48%). Travelers are also leaving behind travel barriers caused by the pandemic. Just over a third (35%) are concerned about the reopening policy of their favorite destination, and more than a fifth (23%) are worried about the pandemic situation when planning a trip.

The top three reasons to take a trip abroad include: exploring new places they’ve never been before (61%), spending more quality time with family and friends (42%) ), and revisit their favorite destination (36%). When planning their trip, the majority of Thai travelers prefer to organize the entire trip on their own (41%). Meanwhile, others choose to go on a flexible individual tour (21%) or a group tour (11%). Most people expect to take one trip (53%) in the next 12 months, although some plan two (31%) or three (11%).

The most common length of stay for Thai tourists abroad is between 5 and 7 days (39%), between 8 and 10 days (22%) and longer than two weeks but less than a month (12%). The survey also shows that people are willing to pay more for a better experience. Better food (56%), better service, no hassle (52%), and visiting a more exotic destination (36%), are the top reasons why Thais spend more on travel. On average, Thai tourists are expected to spend just under THB 45,000 (over VND 31.5 million) on their leisure trip, slightly higher than the expected spending of just over THB 40,000 (around VND 28 million) on a business trip.

When paying overseas, the most preferred payment methods are payment cards (69%), cash (61%), e-wallets, and contactless e-wallets (57%). Study respondents said the top three benefits of using digital payments while traveling are security (60%), convenience (56%), and the ability to track costs (49%).

Top most desired destinations for Thai tourists


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