Thousand-star hotel in Switzerland attracts thousands of tourists

Thế Anh
08:00:12 - September 05, 2022

In Switzerland, there is a unique outdoor hotel service operated by Null Stern Hotel (meaning “zero star hotel” in German), visitors will have the opportunity to watch the stars and breathe the fresh Swiss air. 

The design of the hotel is no different from outdoor camping, with a double bed set on a wooden floor under the vast Swiss sky, without a roof or walls surrounding it.

The hotel is run by the locals themselves and has a team of butlers in charge of picking up guests, and delivering trays of food and drinks. Currently, a night’s stay in these hotels costs 250 Swiss Francs, equivalent to 6 million VND.

Rooms are available for rent at tourist attractions in Switzerland such as St.Gallen-Lake Constance, Toggenburg, Heidiland, Appenzellerland AR, Thurgau, Schaffhauser Land and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Although made for guests to enjoy the starry sky, this unique type of hotel is actually designed to give guests the opportunity to think, reflect on the world around them, and focus on social problems like environmental change and social conflict.

Thousand-star hotel in Switzerland attracts thousands of tourists


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