The UK continues to recognize Vietnam’s new passports

Thế Anh
03:00:42 - August 05, 2022

When Vietnam’s new passport is being rejected by a few countries around the world due to missing information, the British Embassy has said the UK will continue to accept this new passport form. 

Besides the UK, the French Embassy in Hanoi has also announced that they will continue to accept the new passport. However, they also warned that this might change in the near future.

On August 2, leaders of the Immigration Department, the agency that issues passports, affirmed that the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are working hard with other countries to coordinate the settlement.

The Vietnam Immigration Department has started to issue ordinary passports without chips according to the new model to Vietnamese citizens at home and abroad from July 1. The department has confirmed that the new passport model meets higher security requirements and ICAO standards.

The UK continues to recognize Vietnam’s new passports


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