The Travel: Sa Pa among top 10 snowy destinations in Asia

10:30:21 - November 18, 2022

The well-known Canadian magazine The Travel listed the top 10 snowy destinations in Asia for this winter vacation, including Sa Pa (Lao Cai, Vietnam).

Here in the list, The Travel noted that Nepal will not be included as it’s home to famous Mount Everest, which is snowy all year around.

The magazine called Sa Pa “winter wonderland”. It is one of the very few snowy destinations in Vietnam and surprises many tourists. When searching photos online of Sa Pa, it’s common to see mountains and valleys covered in greenery. However, during winter, when the temperature drops, the town turns green to white, attracting those who want a chill hike up Mount Fansipan or Ham Rong Mountain.

Photo: Nguyen Van Thi

The best time to see snow in Sa Pa is around mid-December to mid-January every year. Before or after that, if the temperature drops heavily, snow will also appear.

In addition to Sa Pa, the nine destinations listed by The Travel include Sapporo (Japan), Yongpyong Resort (South Korea), Taichung (Taiwan), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Papua (Indonesia), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Golan Heights (Israel), Hajar Mountains (Oman and United Arab Emirates), and Wadi Rum (Jordan).

(Thumbnail: Phu Suy Ho)

The Travel: Sa Pa among top 10 snowy destinations in Asia


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