The postpartum luxury hotel of Kai Suites has begun to welcome guests

Destination Editor
11:30:41 - January 14, 2021

Located on a spot that was once a maternity hospital, Kai Suites welcomes new parents who have just delivered their babies with special services for both the mother and the newborn.

With 18 suites, Kai Suites is the first luxury hotel for mothers and babies in the postnatal period located at the site that used to be a maternity hospital in Singapore.

Kai Suites welcomes all members from extended family to visit their new baby for family bonding while encouraging only the spouses to stay overnight.

Usually, Kai Suites will send a “guest regulations officer” and a nurse to pick up its guests at the hospital exit after they discharge the mother and baby to escort the whole family to the hotel in a limo. However, for postnatal care, guests usually have to make a reservation about 6-8 weeks before the expected delivery date.

The whole check-in procedures are basically similar to other luxury hotels, except that Kai Suites will arrange more medical staff. Moreover, Kai Suites ensures to provide specialized healthy meals for the mothers to help them restore their bodies and provide essential nutrients for both the mother and the newborn; it also supports periodic checks with doctors to make sure everything is fine.

In each suite room of the hotel, there is a nurse call button, a large refrigerator to store essential food and especially to preserve milk for the babies. Kai Suites’ bathroom also includes wooden tubs and stools for herbal baths. If asked, Kai Suites’ nurse staff even assists the mothers with bottle-feeding the baby with stored breast milk so that the mother can sleep.

In addition, Kai Suites creates common areas for different guest families to meet and socialize, and organizes workshops on newborn care or breastfeeding under nurses’ guidance. A spa and an aesthetics center are expected to be open next month as well.

The price for the whole family to stay and enjoy special care at Kai Suites for 2 weeks is 18,000 SGD (about 13,650 USD).

Besides Kai Suites, Nadora center in Malaysia’s Selangor state and Gem Care in Taipei are also some of the luxury hotels specialized in postpartum services.


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    The postpartum luxury hotel of Kai Suites has begun to welcome guests


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