The Outbox Company releases “Korean – Japanese – Taiwanese outbound travel behavior” Outbox Capture

11:30:13 - February 21, 2023

Travel market research company The Outbox Company unveils “Korean – Japanese – Taiwanese outbound travel behavior” Outbox Capture. It provides data and information on behaviors and psychology of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese outbound tourists in the coming time.


South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are three of the markets with a large and continuously increasing number of visitors to Vietnam in the period 2015 – 2019. As international tourism resumed, and in order to know more about these big markets, Outbox conducted the Korean – Japanese – Taiwanese outbound travel behavior report.

According to the survey results, tourists from these three countries have a quite low level of awareness about the Vietnamese destination image. It means they haven’t known or been strongly impressed by Vietnam. From the data, Outbox expects to help businesses and destinations in Vietnam come up with new approaches to attract Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese tourists. The target is to welcome 8 million foreign visitors in 2023.

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The similarities of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese markets

According to statistics, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are among the top countries with the most outbound tourists in the world. South Korea has the largest number of outbound travelers, followed by Japan and Taiwan, respectively. In 2019, more than 28.7 million Koreans traveled abroad, of which 4.3 million chose to visit Vietnam.

Asian destinations (including Vietnam) are always on the list of favorites of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese tourists. In 2019, before the pandemic, Vietnam ranked second in the top destinations for Korean tourists, just behind Japan due to expansion of flight routes, near distance and low costs. Another similarity of the three markets is the high spending of outbound tourists. Spending levels in all three countries increased evenly, averaging about 7% per year.

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Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese outbound travel behaviors

More than 40% of outbound travelers from the three countries choose standard hotels (2-3 stars). They search for information at travel websites/blogs or search online. Safety is the top factor affecting their decision to go abroad. While Korean tourists are concerned about accommodations, the Japanese want their experiences worth their money, and Taiwanese tourists especially care about transport.

Compared to Japan and South Korea, the travel sentiment of Taiwanese tourists remains low. The long pandemic and strict restrictions have partly affected their psychology. Outbox’s survey shows that although 36.4% of Taiwanese tourists are willing to pay more for travel, 40.7% plan to cut travel spending to save for health care. Simultaneously, more than 40% of Korean and Japanese tourists are willing to raise their budgets for overseas trips in the coming times.

More details can be found at “Korean – Japanese – Taiwanese outbound travel behavior” Outbox Capture by The Outbox Company.


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The Outbox Company releases “Korean – Japanese – Taiwanese outbound travel behavior” Outbox Capture


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