The official website of Vietnam tourism grows tremendously

10:30:01 - November 13, 2022

Currently, Vietnam’s tourism website is ranked 4th in the region, just following Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

According to data from web analytics company SimilarWeb, the website rose 291,565 places from the previous year to officially rank at 166,985 on the list of most visited websites in 2022. This is the biggest growth rate in Southeast Asia recently. 

Specifically, the number of users accessing website in the first 10 months of this year totaled 4 million, much higher than 1.9 million (2021) and 1.7 million (2020).

Besides, 88.25% of access rate is from the international market. Of these, the United States tops the list, followed by India, Australia and Canada. This partly proves that the attractiveness of Vietnam’s tourism in the eyes of international tourists is increasing.

After fully opening since March 2022, Vietnam has welcomed more than 2.35 million international tourists. Although it’s less than half of this year’s target of 5 million visits, this is also considered a great effort from Vietnam during this difficult period.

The official website of Vietnam tourism grows tremendously


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