The Maldives launches its own loyalty program

Destination Editor
10:00:08 - January 19, 2021

The Maldives has become the first destination to design a loyalty scheme for travelers, allowing them to earn points and receive bonuses and rewards for each of their visits there.

After a series of campaigns to boost its tourism, the Maldives launched a new initiative: the loyalty program called Maldives Border Miles, which helps tourists to accumulate points for each trip to their Maldives.

The Maldives Border Miles program divides travelers into three tiers: Aida (bronze) for travelers earning 500 points, Antara (silver) for travelers earning 2,000 points and Abaarana (gold) for travelers earning 4,000 points. With this program, each visitor will get 50 points when entering the border of the Maldives and earn 5 points for each night’s stay on this country.

All visitors to the Maldives are applicable for this new program and can also register for the program when submitting the mandatory Traveller Health Declaration form before departure and selecting the “holiday” option in the description of the trip purpose.

Points are earned when staying at a registered resort for at least three nights. The number awarded based on the tourist’s number of visits and the length of stay.

For those who travel to the Maldives on special occasions such as honeymoon, anniversary and birthday, they get an additional 30 bonus points. In addition, visitors can also earn extra points when participating in activities such as diving, water sports of our partners in the program or traveling from island to island in the archipelago.

There is also a “seasonal bonus” of 20 points for those who visit between June 1 and August 31 each year.

Instead of offering redeemable rewards, the Maldives Border Miles program will increase the member visitor’s benefits based on their level. Typically, Aida members will be offered a 5-10% discount on dining, diving or spa services at Marina @ Crossroad, a multi-island leisure destination located in the Kaafu Atoll, while Antara and Abaarana members will receive privileged immigration clearance upon arrivals and departures, plus 10-20% and 10-20% discount respectively for the above services.

Similar to loyalty programs from hotels and airlines, this launch by the Maldives helps it to attract visitors returning to the country. This initiative will likely be a pioneering solution that other countries and destinations can follow to encourage digital nomad travelers to shifting from WFH to “working on holiday” at one of the most heavenly destinations in the world.


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    The Maldives launches its own loyalty program


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