The beauty of Vietnamese folklore inspires an animation project

Thu Uyên
08:00:11 - June 30, 2022

The modern animation project inspired by Vietnamese folklore, “U Linh Tich Ky: Magic Powder”, has attracted a large number of viewers after its premiere on YouTube.

As a project imbued with folklore elements of Sun Wolf Animation Studio, “U Linh Tich Ky” is inspired by Vietnamese culture, architecture, music and traditional cuisine. Its background depicts beautiful landscapes and famous domestic destinations such as Son Doong cave, Ho Chi Minh city, Hoi An ancient town and floating market in the Mekong Delta.

Source: Sun Wolf Animation Studio

Before its wide release, “U Linh Tich Ky: Magic Powder” premiered at famous international animation festivals such as the 29th Stuttgart International Animated Film Festival (ITFS), the 48th Seattle Film Festival (SIFF).

“U Linh Tich Ky” makes a strong impression on the viewers with the background of a bustling densely populated land with 12 districts surrounding a river, with a causal tree inspired by the radiating banyan tree of the countryside, with a space of the kitchen is familiar with spices and pure Vietnamese dishes,… Exploiting the spiritual life of Vietnamese people from past to present, from a clearer depiction of a Kylin – a unique mascot in the traditional culture of Vietnamese people, to vivid visual images of fish noodles – a traditional dish of Vietnam, present along the length of the country with many interesting variations.

Sharing about the introduction of Vietnamese cuisine into the work, author Leo Dinh said: “The traditional Vietnamese dishes besides pho must also include vermicelli. The vermicelli in the film has ingredients that are easily found in the central noodle dish and Southern sour soup”.

Source: Sun Wolf Animation Studio

Taking the Kylin as the central character, Vietnamese folklore elements are expressed into the mold as the core element and the main foundation. It can be said that the folk element has helped “U Linh Tich Ky: Magic Powder” become special with its own distinctive mark compared to countless other special international projects.

Currently, the studio is working with domestic and international composers to create a highlight for the film with Vietnamese music.

It is expected to help more people understand the cultural and spiritual values ​​of Vietnam, as well as encourage them to explore the country more.

The beauty of Vietnamese folklore inspires an animation project


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