Thailand tourism faces many difficulties in attracting international tourists

Thế Anh
03:00:52 - May 23, 2022

Although Thailand has reopened to international tourism, fierce competition from other foreign markets will make it difficult to restore the country’s tourism industry. 

Previously, the We Travel Together tourism stimulus program, organized by the Thai government since 2020, is currently in its fourth phase and is expected to end at the end of May. The program has had a great impact on tourism by subsidizing hotel room fees for tourists. 

However, international tourists are still very low. For example, Chinese tourists, who previously accounted for 25% of all international tourists to Thailand before the epidemic, have shown no sign of returning at this time because outbound tourism in China is still frozen due to the pandemic situation there.

According to Hannah Pearson, founder of Thailand-based travel consulting firm Pear Anderson, Southeast Asia, in general, seems to have “missed their chance” to attract European tourists during the mid-year holiday. When asked about the reasons, she explained: “It is true that Southeast Asia has removed many of the restrictive barriers to testing and isolation and this is a big step forward. But many countries in the region still apply the requirement that foreign visitors must pre-register on the system for approval and that is a challenge that must be overcome.”

Thailand tourism faces many difficulties in attracting international tourists


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