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    When the world slowly returned to normality after an intense, stressful period, Tay Ninh’s tourism industry had a very strong comeback, with the number of tourists traveling to the province ranking first in the country. Recently, the province’s DMO has started to push for stronger, more modern marketing methods, showing the best of Tay Ninh on many social media platforms and attracting the domestic tourism market. Have a chat with Mr. Tran Quoc Thinh, Director of Tay Ninh Information Tourism and Promotion Center, and learn more about the stories behind this remarkable development and upcoming plans from Tay Ninh. 

    In just 6 months, the tourism industry in Tay Ninh has managed to achieve an impressive 3.3 million visitors, surpassing the target of 3 million visitors set for this year. With this result, the province is expecting a total of 5 million visitors by the end of 2022. This result means a lot to us, which was only possible thanks to the combined effort from local departments, authorities, and the tourism community. One of the reasons for our breakthrough in tourism is the presence of strategic investors. More specifically, Tay Ninh is currently working with Sun Group to concentrate on the tourism development of Ba Den Mountain, becoming a focus of tourism in Vietnam, and influence the development of tourism across the province. 

    As of now, Tay Ninh has a lot of new tourism products on Ba Den Mountain, meeting customer needs. Products such as the world’s largest cable car system developed with European technology, the sacred Buddha Tay Bo Da Son – the tallest Buddha statue in Asia, a museum and exhibition space on Buddhism, and many gorgeous gardens where young tourists can come for pictures. You could say that Ba Den Mountain is now a miniature Da Lat of the South. Moreover, not only do we have visitors on holidays, but during the weekdays and weekends, the flow of visitors stays consistent. 

    Some other factors that have contributed to the success of tourism in Tay Ninh are effective pandemic prevention and coordination between local departments and agencies in ensuring a safe and clean environment. The province has also invested in improving roads and infrastructures that help in connecting regions, provinces, and tourist attractions, creating a favorable travel environment for tourists. Finally, Tay Ninh has pushed for stronger and more in-depth tourism promotion, using both traditional and modern methods to achieve some creative results. We utilized a lot of new information technology and social networking platforms, contributing to promoting Tay Ninh’s image and attracting tourists in recent times. 

    Tay Ninh could be considered a concentration of what Southern Vietnam has to offer, with many scenic spots, local dishes, festivals, and craft villages. As such, Tay Ninh can develop many forms of tourism, from spiritual tourism, ecological tourism, discovery tourism, adventure tourism, forest research tourism, and border exploration tourism,… Tay Ninh also has a special advantage in developing community-based tourism, with many orchards, rivers, and fields. Currently, several households and businesses have invested in creating homestays and farmstays to grow melons and other fruit orchards. 

    Overall, Tay Ninh has a lot of advantages in developing tourism, but our strongest point is still spiritual tourism. However, to turn these advantages into actual products and services, Tay Ninh needs to mobilize local businesses, organizations, and individuals to invest in and utilize these tourism products.

    In terms of customer base, the market from the South, East, and especially the West, is very aware of Tay Ninh as a travel hotspot. In contrast, tourists coming from the North and Central of Vietnam are still limited. Therefore, we’re planning to look into how to attract more customers from these regions, and in turn, the benefits that come with it. Tourists from the Northen region tend to travel for spiritual purposes, so Tay Ninh could combine tourism promotion so Tay Ninh’s products can become popular in the market, in turn, attract more tourists to the province. 

    To ensure that new businesses have a good starting point, Tay Ninh Information Tourism and Promotion Center have also consulted with the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to submit a to the provincial committee on the distribution of temporary guidelines for businesses that want to invest in agricultural tourism. This is because a business needs to go through a lot of procedures if they want to invest in this field, leading to a need for support from others. We hope to create a favorable condition that allows businesses to become startups in the fastest way possible. 

    Recently, Tay Ninh has utilized a combination of different media to promote Tay Ninh’s tourism image. This year, we plan to have 6 campaigns where we collaborated with celebrities and ìnluencers to advertise Tay Ninh’s reputation as an ideal travel destination. Recently, We’ve also consulted the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to successfully organize a farmtrip, welcoming travel vloggers, YouTubers, photographers, and other KOLs, of which we were especially grateful for the participant of travel vlogger Ngo Tran Hai An. Afterward, Tay Ninh continued to welcome Hoang My – the runner-up for Miss Vietnam 2010, to promote tourism in Tay Ninh. This particular activity has been received very well by many people, even though this activity is one of the first that we’ve ever done. 

    Tay Ninh has also made full use of modern infrastructures and smart technologies, due to how useful and cost-effective they are, and has proven to be popular among many tourists. We developed fanpages on social networking sites such as Zalo, Youtube, and many more websites, allowing Tay Ninh to reach the younger market. When it comes to smart apps, we digitized all documents related to tourism, including brochures, handbooks, culinary books, and other marketing materials related to conducting civilized behavior, lodging establishments, and restaurants. We have put all these documents on official websites so tourists can easily and quickly access them. The center has also worked with lodging establishments and restaurants to design QR codes that can be placed in receptionist areas, where visitors can scan to access travel-related information easily. 

    Spiritual tourism isn’t very popular among young tourists. However, in the past, Tay Ninh had many activities that not only attract those who are spiritual, but also those who are not, thanks to the presence of beautiful destinations with natural sceneries, leaving visitors speechless. Tay Ninh has left a good impression on young explorers, especially those who visited Dau Tieng Reservoir and the Lo Go Xa Mat national park. These destinations also have a lot of local products and businesses such as restaurants serving vegetarian meals and Tay Ninh’s specialties, craft villages, historical sites, ancient towers, temples, and so on. In addition, Ba Den Mountain has invested in many tourism products for young people. Especially on the last Tet holiday, more than 15,000 tulips were blooming for the first time on the top of the mountain, creating beautiful scenery that attracted a lot of young people. Young visitors on Ba Den mountain can also enjoy unique lodging services like resting in a cabin and camping at the foot of the mountain. 

    Tay Ninh has a great advantage when it comes to international tourism, with 16 border gates adjacent to the three provinces of Cambodia, namely Svay Rieng, Prey Veng, and Tboung Khmum, creating a lot of opportunities to attract tourists, as well as further cooperation, investment and exchange of goods and economic development between the two countries. People in Cambodia can also quickly visit Vietnam for medical examinations and treatments. From this, we can see that Tay Ninh always has a good flow of tourists from Cambodia, mainly in the form of medical tourism. To take advantage of this strength, the province recently welcomed a group of leaders and delegates from tourism departments and businesses working in Phnom Penh – the capital of Cambodia, to further develop Cambodia’s tourism plan in Vietnam. 

    Tay Ninh also promoted itself to many other international markets through participation in international fairs in Vietnam. One of which was the VITM Hanoi 2022 Fair, where Tay Ninh had the chance to promote itself alongside other provinces to businesses all around the world. At the same time, Tay Ninh has pushed for stronger marketing campaigns through collaboration with foreign agencies and embassies; signed contracts with Vietnam Airlines to promote Tay Ninh’s image on domestic and international flights. 

    Finally, to facilitate tourism development, we are also looking into improving traffic-related infrastructures. Currently, Tay Ninh roadworks are very well invested, and the whole city is changing for the better through spacious new roads. For the period 2020-2025, Tay Ninh is focusing on the completion of an expressway between Ho Chi Minh City and the Moc Bai border gate. With this new road, the time it takes to go from Ho Chi Minh to Tay Ninh will reduce from 2 hours to less than an hour, creating a lot of tourism opportunities. In the near future, Tay Ninh is planning to invest in a new road going from Go Dau to Xa Mat border gate, as well as expanding travel routes going toward Long Thanh international airport, which is still under construction. With Moc Bai, Xa Mat, and Tan Man international border gates acting as keys to connecting with international tourism, Tay Ninh will become a center for many markets, both domestic and international.

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    Tay Ninh making breakthroughs in tourism with natural sceneries and modern marketing


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