Taiwan reinstates the Kuan Hung visa for Vietnamese tourists

Đặng Mỹ Miều
Content Editor
10:30:27 - November 12, 2022

According to some travel businesses, Taiwan decided to reinstate the Kuan Hung visa for Vietnamese tourists. The visa application process is simplified, convenient, and free of charge. 

In particular, the Kuan Hung e-visa is only provided for tourist groups under the management of Vietnam and Taiwan travel companies to develop tourism in Taiwan. This visa is specialized for travel businesses.

Currently, tourists wishing to travel to Taiwan can apply for a visa in 3 ways: paper visa, premium e-visa, and Kuan Hung e-visa.

Eligible visitors can apply on the website of the Taiwan Immigration Bureau. Then, the system will quickly examine the information and return the results at no cost. Taiwan e-visa is valid for three months. Visitors can enter multiple times with a maximum stay of 14 days.

Vietnamese tourists with Kuan Hung visas do not need to show proof of employment and finance when participating in tours to Taiwan. Foreign tourists must join tours with groups of five or above, organized by appointed travel agencies.

In addition, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Vietnam said that foreign tourists should purchase health insurance before departure and abide by the epidemic prevention regulations in Taiwan.

For travelers with confirmed Covid-19 infection, travelers will not be allowed to fly within seven days from the date of inspection. Visitors must take four quick test kits at the airport. To go out, their testing results must be negative within two days.

Taiwan reinstates the Kuan Hung visa for Vietnamese tourists


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