Spain’s holiday rentals exceed pre-pandemic levels

Destination Editor
11:30:34 - July 27, 2021

According to the Rentalia website, the number of holiday bookings in Spain this summer is higher than pre-pandemic when Covid-19 epidemic broke out. What are the reasons?

Spain’s leading holiday booking website Rentalia unveiled that holiday rentals for August are more heavily booked than before the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to domestic tourism. Moreover, realizing that hotels cannot ensure safety in this condition, tourists have changed to service apartments and houses for lease, Rentalia’s Director – Almudena Ucha said.

She added: “Additionally, given the restrictions to leisure activities in some regions, many families or groups are looking for accommodation where they can have parties unaffected by the limitations.”

Based on Rentalia’s report, the occupancy of apartments and houses leased to tourists during the summer is set to rise to 89.2% in August, 12 percentage points above last year levels and above 88.5% in 2019, before the pandemic. The highest rates of above 94% are expected in the Balearic Islands’ Menorca and Mallorca, as well as in the mainland resort area of Alicante.

Last year, Spain’s tourism was seriously affected by the travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Only around 19 million foreign tourists visited Spain in 2020, while the number before that was more than 80 million. This summer, the tourism industry in Spain hopes to revive after easing restrictions, and expects about half as many tourists from abroad as before the pandemic.

Spain’s holiday rentals exceed pre-pandemic levels


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