Song Cau Lobster Festival set a new Guinness world record

Thế Anh
03:00:49 - August 01, 2022

The first Song Cau Lobster Festival 2022 held on July 31 in Phu Yen province has officially recorded a Guinness Vietnam record with “100 dishes made from lobster”.

Song Cau town has many advantages in developing marine economy, especially in the field of aquaculture and seafood processing, so much that the town is considered the “lobster capital” of the country. To promote this image, Song Cau held the first Lobster Festival this year.

With culinary competition program “100 dishes from lobster – Essence of the sea” as a part of the festival, organized by 28 professional chefs and restaurants from all over the country in cooperation with locals.

In addition to the festival, Phu Yen province also organizes many other activities such as Nghinh Ong Ceremony; Tomb of Mr. Tan Thanh village; Coordinating to organize a scientific conference on: “Science and technology in lobster product development in Phu Yen province to 2030”;…

Song Cau Lobster Festival set a new Guinness world record


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