Solo travelers plan to travel more often and more sustainably

Destination Editor
09:55:28 - November 19, 2020

Solo travelers are undeterred by the influence that the Covid-19 pandemic has on the tourism and travel industry, according to a survey by the publication of Solo Traveler.

Solo Traveler, a leading publication for those traveling on their own, has revealed the results of its 8th annual reader survey, which was conducted with support from Overseas Adventure Travel, a provider of solo journeys, and garnered responses from nearly 3,000 readers. The statistics showed that these solo travelers are ready both mentally and financially to hit the road, returning to both domestic and international travel.

“The response to this year’s survey was overwhelming,” said Janice Waugh, publisher of Solo Traveler. “We received more than double the responses compared to previous years with 80 percent of the respondents being women. This demonstrates a huge pent-up desire for travel.”

“Solo travelers are by nature independent and bold, and that’s reflected in their need to get back out into the world,” said Brian FitzGerald, CEO and president of Overseas Adventure Travel. “Solo travelers are also telling us how important it is to make travel sustainable and supportive of local communities. They don’t simply want to see the world—they want to shape it too.”

More than three-quarters of solo travelers (77%) are willing to travel internationally as long as they don’t need to be quarantined at their destination, and 61% said they would travel internationally again when vaccines became available.

The survey also revealed that travel will take a higher priority than before as now travel is restricted and the ability to travel has been reprioritized by many solo travelers.

46% of solo travelers said that they will travel more often, and 25 percent will take longer trips. Sixteen percent indicated that they will opt for greater luxury.

The majority of solo travelers indicated that they still had the means to travel. 71% of respondents overall reported that the pandemic has had no impact on their financial ability to travel while a smaller percentage (14%) said that they had more money and an almost equal number (15%) said that they had less.

Older solo travelers, who age over 44, were in a better financial position than those who were younger. However, 43% of travelers surveyed indicated that they will set a new priority for travel in their personal budgets.

Escorted tours are expected to gain popularity as international travel resumes, with more than half of respondents (53%) reporting to have a tendency of taking escorted tours when they can travel internationally again. According to Solo Traveler, this number triples the number of people who decide not to sign up for the tour.

Moreover, 40% of solo travelers surveyed said that they would travel more consciously and sustainably, and favor Europe and the U.K. and 26% said they would be likely to go on more road trips.


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    Solo travelers plan to travel more often and more sustainably


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