Soho Garden opens its second property in Dubai

Destination Editor
10:30:37 - December 26, 2021

Soho Garden has opened in the heart of Palm Jumeirah on the rooftop of Nakheel Mall. This is the brand’s second location in Dubai.

To mark the venue’s grand opening celebrations, Soho Garden invited DJs and artists including DJ Peet, Junior J, Mr. Levier, DJ Play and Kenrick Chance, bringing ultimate performances at Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah for three consecutive nights on weekend.

Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah is built on an expansive space and consists of multiple indoor and outdoor venues. Welcoming guests seven days a week, Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah will give both Dubai residents and tourists full services from entertainment, lounging, and dining.

Photo credit: Soho Garden.

Entering the venue, customers will be welcomed and led to an indoor club, with LED lighting on the ceiling, walls, and stage, as well as a beautiful outdoor lounge for sightseeing and sunset viewing. On the menu, guests can choose a range of modern European cuisines. The multiple bars at Soho Garden Palm Jumeirah will offer their signature and classic cocktails expertly prepared by their team of resident mixologists.

Soho Garden opens its second property in Dubai


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