Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia restrict cruise activities due to Covid-19

Destination Editor
04:00:48 - May 20, 2021

The recent Covid-19 surges in many Asian countries have caused cruise activities in some countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia to be restricted or suspended.

To comply with safety measures from the multi-ministry Covid-19 task force, Singapore has limited the number of passengers on Dream Cruises’ World Dream and Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas to 25% of normal capacity and bookings are limited to two passengers per cabin. These restrictions came into effect from May 16 to June 13.

In addition, on-board dining services will also be suspended to comply with the in-venue dining ban imposed across Singapore. However, passengers can still order takeaway meals using QR codes and mobile apps to eat in their own cabin.

Quantum of the Seas also reduces capacity in public areas such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and SeaPlex indoor activity venues, to at least 16 square meters per passenger. Theatre shows are limited to a maximum of 50 audiences.

For the World Dream cruise, outdoor activities and activities where masks cannot be used will be temporarily suspended. In addition, permitted activities are limited the number of guests and ensure safety and social distancing measures.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has just elevated the epidemic warning to level 2 on May 11, so the Explorer Dream cruise is also temporarily suspended until June 8 according to the instructions of the Maritime and Port Bureau.

The plan to restart Star Cruises service of Genting Cruise Lines (Malaysia) on May 13 must also be postponed due to the Malaysian government’s nationwide lockdown from May 12 to June 7. Genting Cruise Lines is working closely with local authorities to be able to reopen services in June when restrictions have been eased.

Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia restrict cruise activities due to Covid-19


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