Singapore and Germany agree on reciprocal green lane for essential travel

Destination Editor
04:00:07 - October 26, 2020

Singapore and Germany have agreed on a reciprocal green lane for essential travel, their foreign ministries announced on 23rd October.

The arrangement will enable essential travel for business or official purposes via direct flights between both countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore and the German Federal Foreign Office said in a joint statement on 23rd October.

They added that operational details of the green lane, including the procedural requirements, health protocols and application process, will be announced at a later date.

Separately, Germany also announced yesterday that Singapore residents will be able to enter Germany again for short-term stays, without having to be quarantined on arrival, from 27th October. This follows the European Council’s recommendation this week that member countries of the European Union gradually lift entry restrictions for Singapore residents.

German Ambassador to Singapore Norbert Riedel, whose country currently holds the presidency of the European Union, said in a statement: “Every step forward to make travel possible again is much appreciated in these difficult times. The decision to lift travel restrictions reflects among others the current assessment of the epidemiological situation and containment measures in Singapore.”

Singapore currently has no green lane arrangements with countries in Europe. The country has in place travel arrangements with 10 places, including Malaysia, China and Australia, with varied restrictions. The green lane could serve as a model for future similar arrangements between Singapore and other European countries.

Singapore requires travelers from most countries hit by the pandemic to serve a 14-day quarantine at dedicated facilities and take a swab test before their quarantine period ends.


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Singapore and Germany agree on reciprocal green lane for essential travel


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