Singapore Airlines launches Star Alliance digital connection service

Destination Editor
04:30:30 - October 07, 2020

Singapore Airlines has become the launch airline for the digital version of the Star Alliance Connection Service.

The Star Alliance Connection Service was introduced in 2017 to help time critical flight connections between Star Alliance member airlines. Star Alliance says the service had required dedicated staff support to assist affected passengers in transferring between flights.

Star Alliance says the information provided by the digital version includes the optimum route from the arrival to the departure gate, as well as the distance and time needed to get there.

According to a statement from the airline alliance, “in the case of critical connections, passengers receive a digital express connection card that allows expedited passage through certain checkpoints.”

This initial release focuses on London Heathrow Airport (LHR) Terminal 2. SIA passengers connecting to or from any other Star Alliance member airline in the terminal will have access to the airport maps via the SingaporeAir mobile app.

Star Alliance plans to roll out the digital version of its Connection Service to more transfer-intensive airports for adoption by other member airlines in the future.

The digital version of the Star Alliance Connection Service embeds in the participating member airline’s mobile app. The global airline alliance says: “Android users are experiencing this enhancement first, and the implementation for iOS users will take place subsequently.”

Christian Draeger, Star Alliance vice president customer experience, said: “We know that it can be challenging at times for customers to navigate through large, unfamiliar airports when connecting from one flight to another, especially when unexpected delays have an impact on the connecting time. The digital Connection Service is designed to provide our customers with easy and intuitive guidance at their fingertips, making transferring a smooth, frictionless and, now, touch-less experience.”


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Singapore Airlines launches Star Alliance digital connection service


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