Simplify visa procedures to revitalize the tourism industry

08:00:38 - December 28, 2022

To accelerate recovery from the pandemic, Vietnam’s travel and aviation industries have once again asked the government to loosen visa requirements. 

Despite being one of the first Southeast Asian countries to reopen to foreign tourism following the Covid-19 outbreak, Vietnam currently ranks near the bottom of the region’s recovery rankings.

According to statistics, Vietnam’s international tourist recovery rate is only 18.1%, far lower than neighboring nations such as Singapore (30.9%), Malaysia (27.5%), Cambodia (26.3%), Indonesia (22.9%), the Philippines (22.1%), and Thailand (22%). 

Until now, Vietnam has received approximately 3.5 million international arrivals, which is less than the objective of 5 million.

One of the causes of this condition is claimed to be visa issues, which are still limited. Except for Chileans with 90-day stay, Vietnam now has a visa-free policy for nationals of 24 countries for stays of 15-30 days (far fewer than Thailand’s 65 countries). It also issues single-entry e-visas for one month to travelers from 80 other countries. 

As a result, individuals working in the tourism industry want the government to exempt more nations from visa requirements, and extend the visa-free stay of visitors to 30-45 days for recovery.

Dinh Viet Phuong, CEO of Vietjet, stated that the visa barrier should be removed as soon as possible in the aviation industry. Because this is a major issue in attracting Indian tourists, in particular, and in reviving inbound tourism in general. 

Currently, Vietjet has just begun new direct flights to Indian cities in order to target the world’s second biggest market, and compensate for a lack of passengers from traditional markets such as China.

Simplify visa procedures to revitalize the tourism industry


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