Sheraton Saigon unveils a completely new take-away menu

Destination Editor
10:00:14 - October 24, 2021

Sheraton Saigon hotel has just introduced a completely new take-away menu with luxury and diverse options for customers.

In the current situation, when the demand for online shopping and take-away food have been increasing much more due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Sheraton Saigon has flexibly come up with a brand new take-away menu.

The menu is made in order to upgrade customer experiences of restaurant cuisine right at home with typical dishes from Vietnam, Korea, China to Europe. In addition, there are some signature dishes created by the Executive Chef. The highlight is Family Sets for families of 4 to 6 people including European and Korean dishes, and Combo Sets for 2 people. Customers who love Vietnamese cuisine can choose from traditional dishes prepared by Saigon Cafe’s chefs. Those who want to enjoy Cantonese cuisine from Li Bai restaurant can choose Combo Sets Li Bai.

Photo credit: Sheraton Saigon.

Besides, Sheraton Saigon’s take-away menu also offers a pastry collection with dozens of cakes. Customers can order a large loaf, on request or small sized slides of cakes that are very popular at Sheraton Saigon.

The offer has been open starting from mid-October and is available on the hotel’s online platforms including the website, Facebook and will soon be available on other ordering applications.

Sheraton Saigon unveils a completely new take-away menu


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