“Scotland, Yours to Enjoy. Responsibly” campaign promotes responsible tourism

06:00:17 - May 12, 2022

The tendency of visitors to explore natural destinations but be irresponsible when enjoying them has caused many rural areas of Scotland to be negatively affected. To address this, in March 2021, VisitScotland launched the campaign “Scotland, Yours to Enjoy. Responsibly” to raise awareness about responsible tourism.


In 2020, after Covid-19 restrictions were gradually lifted in Scotland, domestic visitors in the country were excited to travel again, Scotland’s rural and coastal areas recorded an increase in domestic visitors. However, this puts pressure on communities and facilities in these areas. Local community groups have reported irresponsible camping behaviors in many places, such as littering and leaving camping equipmens, a lack of control of dogs particularly around livestock, lighting fires in unauthorised locations caused fire hazards, felling trees, unsafe waste disposal, inappropriate or unsafe parking that block access to land managers or residents. In addition, visitors had poor preparation before travel due to lack of understanding of challenging terrains and weather in these areas. They got into trouble and in need of assistance.

Many local communities were unprepared for such an increase in visitor numbers. Meanwhile, tourists are unaware of general guidance around responsible visitor behaviors and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. This adversely affects the sentiment of local communities towards visitors in general.

To address this, VisitScotland has partnered with the Scottish government and many other organizations to develop an approach for visitor management and raising awareness of responsible outdoors across the country.


Scotland, Yours to Enjoy. Responsibly

Delivering a clear and straightforward message, this campaign calls on people to respect, protect and enjoy Scotland.

With this campaign, VisitScotland wants visitors to be considerate of the impact that the outdoors can have on the landscapes, wildlife and communities that make the country famous; at the same time, ask people not to leave traces after the trip to protect the beautiful Scottish countryside.


In order to inspire and educate visitors about responsibly exploring and enjoying the outdoors, VisitScotland implements the campaign’s message with a short film. Throughout the film are peaceful scenes of the Scottish countryside and a call to respect and protect Scotland for today and future generations.

VisitScotland broadcasts this video on many social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, radio to reach a wide range of visitors as well as residents. Besides, this is also the first time VisitScotland has used the TikTok platform to reach the young generations, by working with influencers to produce inspirational content for this target audiences. In addition, the campaign was also advertised on billboards and OOH in all major cities in Scotland.

Aiming to help people equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to enjoy outdoor activities responsibly, VisitScotland and its partners have developed a toolkit, which includes royalty-free images and posters with key messages like water safety, camping, responsible dog walking, fire safety. The toolkit allows other parties to participate in this campaign and spread the message on their website and communication channels.

In 2021, VisitScotland’s campaign achieved more than 205.5 million reach via social media activities, 2.5 million views on TikTok from paid influencer campaigns. The results found that at least 83% of adult Scots had viewed campaign activities at least once, and at least 57% had viewed campaign activities more than 3 times. 73% of Scots agree that these ads/clips have motivated them to be more responsible when touring Scotland.

According to feedback from partners, the campaign has brought many positive results such as reducing 90% of campfires at Glenmore Forest Park, reducing 46% of the number of fires requiring extinguishing compared to 2020, increasing 30% of in campers in permitted areas compared with 2019, and 97% of campers booked a permit area in advance.

With this campaign, VisitScotland not only encourages visitors to change their travel behavior, but also encourages the long-term re-building of a more responsible future for Scotland’s tourism sector.

Source: visitscotland.org

“Scotland, Yours to Enjoy. Responsibly” campaign promotes responsible tourism


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