SALA – a typical luxury hospitality group focusing on privacy and personalization

Linh Ngan
Linh Ngan
05:30:56 - August 18, 2020

With a luxury hotel chain that has always been concentrating on guests’ privacy and experiences on a daily basis, SALA even implemented a new policy named SALA Safe so as to quickly adapt to the new normal.

As COVID-19 reshaped the entire lodging industry, many hotels and other types of accommodation have been forced to make enormous amendments, which may lead to guests’ experiences during stay changing as well, in order to align the new normal. However, this is not the case with SALA, whose philosophy has always been to protect guests’ privacy without compromising their experiences in any of its luxury hotels and resorts.

What is SALA?

SALA, short from SALA Hospitality Group, is a homegrown Thai hospitality company that owns and operates several luxurious and intimate properties under the brands SALA Resorts and Spas and sala boutique, including: SALA Samui Choengmon Beach Resort, SALA Samui Chaweng Beach Resort, SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort, sala khaoyai, sala lanna Chiang Mai, sala rattanakosin Bangkok, sala ayutthaya and sala bang pa-in. These are located in seven of Thailand’s most beautiful holiday destinations, including idyllic islands, vibrant cities and exciting emerging regions.

Each accommodation unit, whether it is a suite, a villa in resorts or a room in boutique hotels, is guaranteed to exquisitely meet SALA’s five-star standards.

What does SALA offer to highlight its priorities of privacy and personalization?

  • Many of its properties are situated in picturesque locations, some are away from the city center and even in remote places.

Other than sala rattanakosin Bangkok, found in the heart of the capital’s Old Town, all of the SALA hotels are within a 45 minute to 10-hour radius from Bangkok. When staying in one of SALA Resorts & Spas properties, guests can be assured that their resort is completely away from other resorts and other busy areas.

With a focus on striking designs and comfortable accommodations, sala boutique properties are charming residences situated in picturesque locations, many of which are filled with historical significance: sala ayutthaya along the River the Ancient Capital of Thailand, sala lanna Chiang Mai with the Ping River, and sala rattanakosin Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River with views over Wat Arun. So even if guests are in a popular city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, they can always find peace and slow down in sala boutique hotels, looking at the gentle rivers.

Especially, with sala khaoyai located in a mountainous area, guests can truly contemplate a significant natural beauty of Thailand without being bothered during their stay.

  • Each unit is a secluded property yet preserves high-quality.

Resorts and boutique hotels usually aim for the high-end market segment, and both SALA Resorts and Spas and sala boutique are no exception. Every of SALA properties has its unique decor, full amenities and offers various complimentary services. 

Besides being built totally separately to one another, all villas and suites from the brand SALA Resorts and Spas have their own pools for guests to use at any time at wish without sharing these areas to anyone. Moreover, guests can choose which services (like room services, pool cleaning, laundry, etc.) to omit in order not to have too many hotel staff intruding into their accommodation during their stay. By adjusting services at each guest’s wishes, SALA can provide a private environment and a personalized stay for every of its customers.

SALA Resorts and Spas also offers romantic dining experiences that are hyper-personal and private for its guests, with just two having dinner on the whole beach while watching the spectacular sunset and listening to the rhythm of the waves whispering to the shore.  

  • In response to COVID, SALA has launched its SALA Safe policy, in which direct physical contact is minimized.

In addition to being provided with personal protective equipment such as face masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitizers, guests can now enjoy a much more spacious dining environment as SALA reduces the number of diners in its restaurants at the same time. Besides, buffets are now replaced by order-at-table so that customers will not face unexpected people during their dining slots. Guests in SALA resorts can also make reservations for gym time or borrow fitness equipment to their villas to exercise at their wishes. 

Moreover, all outdoor activities are now limited to only six people at a time, which means that guests can fully experience and create unforgettable memories with safety and confidence, just like they have the whole place for their own.

SALA as an example of how luxury travel is defined in the concept of the new normal

Although SALA is already well-known for its commitment to protecting guests’ privacy and personalized unique experience, it still puts in the effort on flexibility and adaption to unexpected circumstances every day. 

With SALA Safe, which combines exemplary health and safety credentials, SALA becomes the premium brand for residents looking to get on the Thai domestic travel bandwagon and explore the world beyond the beaten track.


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SALA – a typical luxury hospitality group focusing on privacy and personalization


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