Saint Lucia’s tourism branding campaign

05:00:52 - October 22, 2020

As the “only country in the world named after a woman”, Saint Lucia utilizes this special characteristic to renew the national tourism branding and set herself apart from other destinations in the Caribbean.

Saint Lucia is an island nation located in the Caribbean and is considered as the pearl of the sea with her unique nature and romantic beauty. The distinctive nature compared to other Caribbean islands makes Saint Lucia become a destination that attracts many tourists every year.

In November 2017, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) launched a campaign to promote the island’s new logo and branding. Moving away from iconic images of an island such as sun, sea and sand, the campaign focused on the beauty of nature, culture, friendly locals and their love for the country.

Campaign “Saint Lucia, Let Her Inspire You” – 2017

Launched by SLTA, the 5-month rebranding campaign of Saint Lucia named “Saint Lucia, Let Her Inspire You” received many positive responses from the community. Aimed to give travelers confidence, that Saint Lucia is a safe destination, and to raise awareness on social media, SLTA executed a wide range of activities on social media channels focused on the US, Canada and the UK to boost online traffic, social media followers and bookings.

The campaign “Saint Lucia, Let her inspire you” included 200 images and 10 videos of Saint Lucia’s beauty and was posted on social media channels to spread to audiences. SLTA’s social media accounts changed from@SaintLuciaNow to @TravelSaintLucia, which is like a calling for visiting the island to travelers. Moreover, all content in the campaign was tagged with the hashtag #LetHerInspireYou and #TravelSaintLucia to connect and increase interaction with social media users.

With the efforts of SLTA, Saint Lucia’s campaign attracted great attention from the community through digital channels with 11 impressions, a 33% increase in Facebook followers and a 21% increase in Instagram followers.

The success of the campaign helped Saint Lucia received the award for Best Social Media Campaign in the “Up the Social Ladder” category in the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s  travel media awards gala dinner in 2018.

Following the success of the new branding, in June and October 2020, Saint Lucia released two videos attracting travelers to the island after Covid-19.

In the context of the pandemic affecting the global tourism sector and Saint Lucia having closed border since March, the new campaign named “She is Saint Lucia… Ler Her Inspire You” plays a more important role as this is part of promoting the Caribbean island nation during its phased reopening plan after Covid-19.

Currently, Saint Lucia has been designated as “No Travel Health Notice: COVID-19 Risk is Very Low” by the Centers for Disease Control. It currently has the lowest rates of COVID-19 in the Caribbean, with no active cases. The island has also opened border since early June and in this same month, SLTA launched a video to kick off the campaign to attract international visitors.

In October 2020, the second video of the campaign was launched and featured stunning nature and experiences in Saint Lucia. The video is also a reminder to travelers about reopened attractions and activities such as mud baths and hot springs at the Sulphur Springs, horseback riding, Diamond Waterfalls and Botanical Gardens, Gros Piton Trail, ziplining in Rainforest Adventures and water-based activities.

The video “She is Saint Lucia” is utilized in digital marketing, television advertising and social media in North America.

The Minister of Tourism Dominic Fedee said, “We have been heartened and humbled with the positive response to reopening our borders again to visitors. To date, we have welcomed more than 6,000 holidaymakers, who have been kept safe and had a wonderful time. Our first video had a message of reassurance. Now it’s time to build on that and inspire travelers by reminding them of the unique experiences that our beautiful island has to offer once more. We continue to diligently work to support our local citizens and our tourism partners and look forward to the season ahead.”


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Saint Lucia’s tourism branding campaign


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