Royal Mansour Marrakech – a destination hotel with a cultural emblem

Linh Ngan
Linh Ngan
06:57:18 - August 06, 2020

Royal Mansour with its property in Marrakesh Palace is a typical example of a destination hotel in North Africa. Besides featuring various luxury hotels’ characteristics, Royal Mansour Marrakech also shows an emblematic image of Moroccan culture.

The role of culture in branding

Culture is an indispensably vital value of a country and can be considered as ‘nation branding’. Culture is the “soft power” that comprises art, food, craft, and countless other offerings that stem from the soul of a place and make it different.

The cultural values of a country usually lie in its museums or cultural initiatives. However, museums can only narrate the cultural story and visitors usually do not spend too much time in their tightly scheduled trip here. Hotels, on the other hand, can be a much better narrator as guests can directly experience everything shown in front of their eyes. Furthermore, the average time a guest spends at a hotel is also far surpassing that of their museum visit.

Therefore, manifesting culture into a hotel seems to be a creative idea in this knife fight for the share of wallet in hotels as well as the lodging industry. Royal Mansour Marrakech can be the finest example of this idea as it represents various Morrocan cultural aspects, showing the best of the country’s craft and service just within its hotel.

Royal Mansour Marrakech as a miniature of Morrocan culture

A destination hotel…

Claiming to be a timeless, unforgettable and exceptional luxury hotel, Royal Mansour Marrakech is located just a few steps away from the famous Jemaa El Fna square – the heart of the Marrakesh Palace.

The hotel, opened in 2010 after three years of construction, was intended by the King of Morocco to be a showpiece of the absolute best output from the country.

Protected by the walls of the imperial city and overlooked by the majestic peaks of the Atlas Mountains, the emblematic Marrakesh Palace is at hand to guide you through its exclusive 5-hectare estate. Its medina, restaurants, gardens, 2500 sqm spa, 53 charming riads and outstanding concierge service set a new bar for luxury hotel standards with the classic Royal Mansour style.

In addition, the three signature restaurants right in the heart of the Palace from Royal Mansour Marrakech set the standard of their service as if every diner is a bastion of culinary and gastronomical excellence. Led by the talented chef Yannick Alléno, its restaurants cast up an unforgettable sensory experience in the heart of the Ochre City and have been listed by Les Grandes Tables du Monde as one of the world’s greatest restaurants.

Marrakech also offers a little piece of heaven with its swimming pool as well as its hairdressing salon, gym, heated swimming pool, magnificent atrium, etc. to guests along with lush vegetation, the gentle trickling of the fountains, sunbeds and private pavilions. Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa promises to provide unique royal spa treatments as it is considered as a wellness destination, a voyage within itself.

In the heart of the hotel are the splendid conference rooms, private residences and enchanting gardens offer majestic and unforgettable settings for wedding receptions or business meetings.

Marrakech also shares numerous local tips to ensure guests have an unbeatable stay in Marrakesh and even can plan out an individually tailored program for each adventure into the Moroccan Kingdom for the guests.

…with a cultural emblem

Born out of a desire to share the Moroccan lifestyle with the world, Royal Mansour Marrakech plunges travelers into a timeless atmosphere where confidentiality is key and promises to offer them the unique concept of a medina within a medina.

From the entrance, guests can see the traditional architecture and especially the outstandingly sophisticated ‘riads’ (Royal Mansour Marrakech addresses each of its accommodation units by riad). Riad is defined as a type of traditional Moroccan or Moorish interior garden or courtyard associated with house and palace architecture.

Following this, the design of this luxury hotel in Marrakesh incorporates the elements of an authentic medina, where guests can stroll around and discover sensual delights. The rooms and suites have been replaced by luxurious riads, and the corridors by winding alleyways. Royal Mansour Marrakesh is the only hotel establishment in the world to offer this unique concept.

At peace from the buzz of the city through the enchanting décor, the mind is free to wander in this prestigious, perfectionist universe.

According to general manager Jean-Claude Messant, formerly of Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, and the Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo, Royal Mansour Marrakech is “a hotel where when you walk around, you can touch and feel, you can touch the tiling, you can touch the plasterwork, you can touch the woodwork, you see beautiful uniforms being made by the best Moroccan designers. You can see and smell and taste beautiful cuisine. You have the best of what can we produce in the kingdom.”

Besides representing Moroccan culture in architecture, Royal Mansour Marrakech also aims to train and exploit its Moroccan hospitality talents to enhance its service. According to Messant, the people and service from a hotel are what makes it truly stands out and excels from others.

The hotel has a rigorous training program that takes applicants that have the “hospitality gene,” and the warmth and energy required, and builds them up. After the sophisticated training, they can act as diplomats and ambassadors of Moroccan hospitality, just as much as the crafts and design works similarly. The two together create a powerful statement of intent for Morocco, distinct from how other countries frame and market their offerings.

Hotels as cultural diplomacy, why not?

Making hotels as a proxy for the best parts of national culture can make things more tangible, more sensory, and create a deeper emotional bond between the guest and the country. It might also be a new, emerging strategy for hotels to pay attention to in order to attract as many guests as possible once travel returns post-pandemic.


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Royal Mansour Marrakech – a destination hotel with a cultural emblem
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