Restoration for the legendary Da Lat – Phan Rang railway is underway

Thế Anh
01:30:56 - May 04, 2022

Crystal Bay Group and leading partners in the railway sector are in the process of consulting for this neglected railway restoration project, which promises to bring a new experience on the road with vehicles. Unique move in Asia.

Reportedly, the Phan Rang – Da Lat railway is one of only two mountain railways in the world that runs on cogwheels. Along with the Pinlatus-Bahn in Switzerland, the Phan Rang – Da Lat train route has left a bold mark in the history of the world railway industry. Despite its important historical value, this railway line has been shut down since 1975 and was treated as scrap metal until recently.

According to Ms. Nguyen Hoai Thu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Corex Business Solutions Joint Stock Company, the consulting, management, and coordination business behind the restoration project: “Restore the Phan Rang – Da Lat railway line will help the local tourism industry, attract tourists to experience, and contributes to the socio-economic development of the localities, especially Lam Dong with its advantage in mountain landscape tourism and Ninh Thuan with sea tourism”.

After the restoration is completed, visitors will have the opportunity to visit and experience a unique way of transportation, as well as immerse themselves in the old cultural environment of more than a century ago.

Restoration for the legendary Da Lat – Phan Rang railway is underway


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