Portugal offers visitors new travel insurance

Destination Editor
03:29:26 - August 09, 2020

In an attempt to attract more international tourists, Portugal has launched the Portugal Travel Insurance, a travel insurance adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative is promoted by RNA Assistance Insurance and provides coverage to the entire national territory and covers, among others, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses associated with COVID-19.

Insurance also covers the expenses of cancellation, interruption, or extension of travel due to the same pandemic. The goal is to ensure all visitors to Portugal that they can travel around the country safely and with confidence.

The insurance initiative is another initiative that Visit Portugal is spreading to international markets to raise awareness of the security of the destination alongside other initiatives such as the Clean & Safe Seal and the renewal of the Portugal Health Passport which is available to all who visit Portugal and now covers COVID-19 tests.

Tourists planning to travel to Portugal will be able to register for free on the Health Passport website, which guarantees them access to COVID-19 testing. It also enables access to high-quality urgent health care or check-ups, at previously fixed prices, at five different typologies in the network of hospitals and clinics of CUF, Hospital da Luz, HPA Saúde and Lusíadas, throughout the national territory.

Through these initiatives and projects, Portugal strengthens its position as a safe destination that guarantees all the essential sanitary conditions for the enjoyment of its unique tourist experiences.


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Portugal offers visitors new travel insurance
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