New Zealand’s major campaign for Australians: Stop Dreaming about New Zealand, and Go!

06:00:21 - March 24, 2022

“Stop Dreaming about New Zealand, and Go!” is the first major campaign since the borders of New Zealand and Australia were announced to open, launched in May 2021.


New Zealand and Australia are two close neighbor countries in many socio-economic aspects, especially the tourism industry. However, the pandemic has caused the two countries to close their borders to foreigners since March 2020. With New Zealand being a familiar destination for Australians every year, the border closure not only suppressed the travel demand of Australians but also caused heavy impacts on the New Zealand tourism industry. According to a research by Tourism New Zealand, 77% of Australians are actively considering a holiday to New Zealand for relax and enjoyment, 42% of Australians want to come to New Zealand to visit relatives and friends.

After more than a year of border closure, in April 2021, Australia and New Zealand announced a plan to launch a travel bubble between the two countries. This is an opportunity for tourism businesses in New Zealand to offer great experiences to visitors and resume their businesses.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive René de Monchy said the return of Australian tourists would go some way to helping reduce the loss from international tourism, with both domestic and Australians about 70% of the pre-Covid visitor market.

To inspire Australian tourists to visit New Zealand when the travel bubble between the two countries was officially established, Tourism New Zealand and Special Group have launched a major campaign targeting this largest tourist market.


According to a survey, up to 60% of Australian tourists are actively considering/ dreaming about a trip to New Zealand within 6 months of opening the borders. Based on that, Tourism New Zealand chose the campaign’s message:

Stop Dreaming about New Zealand,

and Go!

Stop Dreaming about New Zealand, and Go!

The two main target audiences that the campaign is targeting are vibrant adventurers and experienced connectors. These are the two groups of tourists most likely to travel to New Zealand.


The main activity of the campaign is a 1:30-second content video, which is released on May 6, 2021, about the journey of two friends. The story is about an “Australian friend” who longs to visit New Zealand even while sleeping. And in the dream, a New Zealand friend appeared with a whisper of “Kia Ora” (Māori greeting) to wake him up and the two embarked on a dream trip to discover New Zealand.

The dream adventure of two friends takes place in a strange way and is cleverly integrated with New Zealand humor, beautiful landscapes and exciting experiences in this country. The Australian friend is eating crayfish in a large restaurant (fine dining) with versions of himself then suddenly he was cycling in a dreamy vineyard, riding a speedboat in a spectacular landscape, soaking in a natural hot tub of New Zealand and saw a giant kiwi. At the end of the journey, when the Australian friend does not want to end his adventure, it is time to emphasize the call to action of the campaign: “Just book a ticket!”.

To support tourism businesses to participate in this campaign and attract Australian tourists, Tourism New Zealand also launched a toolkit to guide partners to involve in the campaign with their channels.

By correctly identifying the main source market and two target audience groups, the campaign selects the experiences, which are key motivators of these two groups. According to data from Stats NZ, the total number of border crossings between the two countries in May 2021 was 189,500, accounting for more than 90% of the total number of border crossings in the month and more than double that of the previous month.

New Zealand’s major campaign for Australians: Stop Dreaming about New Zealand, and Go!


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